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What does it mean to be a modern media agency?

The modern media agency is more than just a service provider; it is a strategic partner. They work closely with businesses to understand their vision, objectives, and challenges. They don’t just deliver solutions, but they co-create them, ensuring that each strategy is unique, relevant, and reflective of the brand’s identity.

With our commitment to excellence and a forward-looking approach, KORTX is shaping the future of modern media agencies. From day one, we made a big bet that technology and advanced analytics paired with strong media capabilities would separate KORTX from companies that simply “run ads”. KORTX aims to foster digital transformation for our clients and build the technology that makes it happen.

A modern media agency at its core, KORTX leverages expansive capabilities to deliver superior results, bolster client relationships, and accelerate brands and agency partners towards unparalleled success. 

This blog post explores how we’ve successfully built a modern media agency over the past eight years focused on innovation, technology, and the right people for the job.

What does KORTX do?

KORTX is a digital marketing and data strategy firm specializing in audience-centric solutions that drive business outcomes for brands and agencies. We offer a combination of research, strategy and best-in-class digital media, creative and marketing analytics services to deliver personalized customer experiences for our clients.

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Innovation: Solving Client Problems

When working with our clients, we consider all solutions to help transform their digital marketing. Our team does not solely rely on historically available solutions and options. We instead look outside the box to understand what piece of technology or process might be the most successful. If a client (new or current) approaches our team with a problem, we aim to solve it. 

The KORTX team thrives when it comes to solving challenges or offering solutions for previously unavailable options. If a sticky spot hinders efficiency, we want to help you fix it. 

Some key examples of this include:

Challenge: Better Budget Allocation with KORTX Campaign Advantage

KORTX Campaign Advantage (KCA) ft. Split Assist™ is a dynamic programmatic advertising solution revolutionizing budget allocation. It allows advertisers to allocate funds dynamically, enhances transparency by revealing influential strategies, and optimizes campaigns through Split Assist™, adjusting targeting for peak efficiency. KCA overcomes new campaign challenges with rapid data collection and adaptive targeting. This innovative solution empowers advertisers to seamlessly test and optimize various campaign strategies within one unified budget framework.  

Challenge: Responding to Real-time Lottery Jackpots

A lottery client sought a dynamic marketing approach to mirror live lottery updates. KORTX engineers created a custom trigger option for efficient, instant updates. The outcome? An ad that dynamically reflected the current lottery status, going beyond static content. Integrating this feature into Axon Audience Manager provided detailed insights, optimizing ad spending.

Challenge: Streamline Turnaround Times for Live Deals & Offers

KORTX partnered with an automotive client to develop a cross-device digital strategy to promote time-sensitive incentives and offers to qualified auto shoppers. Together, we created custom rich media units resulting in swift turnaround times for promoting regional offers, driving site conversions, and achieving impressive KPI performance. The results included a 0.12% click-through rate, a 15-second average exposure time, and a 0.15% engagement rate, demonstrating the strategy’s success.

Technology: Building the Tools for Success

At the heart of our innovation is our Product & Analytics team. They are responsible for building custom technology, automating tasks for our clients, providing real-time analytics and more. This team drives KORTX’s technological excellence, ensuring precise ad targeting for exceptional results and propelling us to the industry forefront. Explore the tools they’ve created.

From Our Founder: Tools to Help You Achieve More

“Our in-house software team is not just about building cutting-edge technology; they’re about empowering our internal teams and, in turn, our external clients to achieve more.

Our custom tools, such as Kampus, Split Assist™, Blueprint, and Axon Audience Manager, aren’t just innovations; they’re enablers of success.

These solutions streamline operations, enhance efficiency, and provide invaluable insights, allowing our internal teams to perform at their best. Ultimately, this translates to our external clients reaping the rewards of more efficient, data-driven, and results-focused marketing strategies. We’re not just creating software; we’re creating opportunities for everyone in the KORTX ecosystem to reach new heights of achievement.”

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Co-Founder & COO

Kampus: Your New Marketing HQ

We built Kampus for marketing efficiency and data-driven decisions. It integrates features like Axon, campaign reporting, and audience insights into one user-centric platform, addressing the complexities of the digital marketing landscape.

Centralizing data in Kampus yields profound advantages. It eradicates tool juggling, providing a comprehensive view of efforts and their impact. This ensures data integrity, enabling customized reporting for accurate ROI and critical metrics. Real-time decisions thrive on integrated data, enhancing the potency of outreach. The platform’s integration substantially reduces subscription costs while fostering enhanced collaboration.  

📆 Explore our always-growing timeline for Kampus features.

Split Assist™: Optimizes While You Sleep

KORTX combines human expertise and algorithmic optimization with Split Assist™ for optimal performance and efficiency across various client sectors, including education, restaurants, tourism, and advanced strategies like CTV. KORTX’s programmable split technology leverages machine learning for complex strategy optimization across multiple KPIs. 

Splits, which segment line item inventory, enhance campaign effectiveness by prioritizing top-performing audiences and inventory. Split Assist™ ensures daily optimizations based on campaign metrics, leading to efficient budget allocation. Analyzing and adjusting splits, defined by geography, inventory, system, performance, and frequency parameters, guarantees improved campaign outcomes.

Blueprint: Eats the Busywork for Breakfast

Blueprint is our custom back-office software. It acts as the command center for all KORTX campaigns, handling billing, ticket management, and daily campaign operations.

Designed for task automation, Blueprint speeds up campaign launches while maintaining quality. Its robust integrations with Jira, QuickBooks, ad platforms, and DocuSign streamline campaign management, including invoicing, programmatic campaign creation, and contract handling. This fosters better communication within KORTX, centralizing campaign data for flawless execution, increased efficiency, hassle-free invoicing, time and resource savings, seamless contract management, and higher client satisfaction.

Axon Audience Manager: Light on Code, Heavy on Insights

Axon Audience Manager, KORTX’s proprietary platform, is a testament to our data-centric approach and technological prowess. Axon’s audience builder takes the data-driven approach to new heights, offering virtually limitless combinations of custom audiences. It empowers clients to harness the full potential of their First-Party data, merging it with an extensive collection of user profiles and behavioral data covering 95% of the internet. This synergy transforms every site visitor into a rich, detailed user profile, enabling hyper-personalized messaging and targeted advertising experiences.

The platform offers a comprehensive suite of audience management tools, including First-Party data aggregation, site analytics, audience insights, and real-time campaign reporting. It provides businesses with in-depth audience insights and live reporting capabilities, allowing them to monitor campaign performance, fine-tune audience segmentation, and optimize strategies on the fly.

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Customer Service: Partnerships that Last

At KORTX, we understand that a modern media agency is not just about technology and innovation; it’s about the people who bridge the gap between our cutting-edge solutions and our valued clients. Our Client Services and Support team is at the heart of this bridge, ensuring that you achieve your digital marketing goals and enjoy a seamless and satisfying experience throughout our partnership.

From Our Founder: Building Lasting Partnerships

“At KORTX, human connection drives us. While tools matter, it’s our team’s dedication that empowers our customer’s growth. We’ve faced challenges, either directly or alongside one another, and we know firsthand that technology can’t replace genuine collaboration.

Our commitment? To promote growth and build lasting relationships with those focused on adaptability and progress.”

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Co-Founder & CRO

Project Management & Communication

Our account team members translate our client’s business objectives into actionable plans for the creative, media, strategy, and analytics teams. This streamlines the process and ensures that every aspect of the campaign aligns with the client’s goals. These teams serve as the primary point of contact and are responsible for managing expectations and resolving any issues or concerns. A great client services team will proactively communicate with the client, keeping them informed about the progress of their campaigns, addressing any challenges, and providing solutions. They ensure transparency, which builds trust and fosters long-term relationships.


Account leads personalize services and solutions, tailored to each client’s unique needs. They understand that each client is different, with varying goals, target audiences, and brand identities. They leverage this understanding to tailor their approach and offer customized solutions, leading to more effective campaigns and improved client satisfaction.


Our client services teams play a significant role in client education. They keep clients informed about the latest developments in the marketing landscape, new technologies or strategies, and how they can be leveraged for their benefit. This continuous education empowers clients and helps them make better decisions for their businesses.

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KORTX Innovation for Digital Marketing

KORTX exemplifies the quintessential modern media agency, utilizing cutting-edge technology, data-driven strategies, and a high-powered software engineering team to navigate the complex digital marketing landscape. Through its advanced capabilities, such as Kampus, Axon Audience Manager, Media Mix Modeling, and Blueprint, KORTX improves the efficacy of digital marketing strategies and enhances client relationships and overall business success.

About the Author
Damon Henry is the Founder and CEO of KORTX, a digital media, strategy, and analytics company. He enjoys building great software and great companies.

Damon Henry

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