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Tier 2 Automotive Marketing Rich Media

Expedited Turnaround Times: Driving Automotive Marketing Success with KORTX

Discover how partnering with KORTX led to accelerated turnaround times on live offers and deals, driving impressive results for a global automotive brand.

In this case study, the automotive brand's agency faced the challenge of creating lower-funnel demand and promoting time-sensitive incentives to qualified auto shoppers. By collaborating closely with KORTX, they developed a comprehensive cross-device digital strategy and leveraged custom rich media units to deliver captivating creative experiences.


Promote Incentives & Offers to Drive Conversions

A global automotive brand challenged our partner agency to create lower-funnel demand and promote time-sensitive offers for priority models in specific geo-targets across multiple DMAs. The key objective was to generate faster response time and engagement, ensuring qualified auto shoppers were promptly exposed to national and regional incentives, accelerating vehicle sales.

In-market auto shoppers are inundated with advertising messages across various platforms, making it crucial for the brand to stand out amidst the noise and deliver a unique and captivating creative experience to potential buyers.

To tackle this challenge head-on, our partner agency recognized the need for a strategic partnership with KORTX. Through this collaboration, they aimed to develop a comprehensive cross-device digital strategy and an adaptable, creative solution enabling the brand to swiftly communicate monthly incentive messaging to auto shoppers in each DMA.


Swift Turnaround Times on Live Offers & Deals with Custom Rich Media

Our partner agency leveraged the expertise of a full KORTX support team to activate multiple custom rich media units every month. The team meticulously targeted these units to in-market shoppers, delivering engaging creative experiences optimized for desktop, tablet, and mobile devices. 

This collaborative effort led to expedited turnaround times, ensuring the quick launch of each regional offer to drive site conversions and maximize key performance indicators (KPIs).

KORTX’s custom rich media units seamlessly integrated the brand’s video assets and included deep links that directed auto shoppers straight to their local region’s brand site. This approach allowed the agency to measure multiple metrics throughout the automotive shopping process simultaneously.


A Winning Combination of Targeting and Creative

Our targeting precision and creative excellence proved to be a winning combination. KPI performance soared across all markets. High engagement rates demonstrate that the target audience responded favorably to the captivating blend of brand videos and incentive offers presented through KORTX's custom rich media units. A unique creative experience and a sharp focus on reaching qualified in-market shoppers across all digital devices resulted in a highly successful strategy reflected in improved lower-funnel metrics measured by KORTX.



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