Blueprint: KORTX’s Operational Secret Weapon

Alex Morisset

At KORTX, we take pride in our commitment to excellence and client satisfaction. Behind the scenes of our successful campaigns lies our operational secret weapon – Blueprint, our fully custom back office software platform.

Since its inception in 2015, Blueprint has grown alongside our company, becoming the command center of almost everything we do.

In this blog post, we’ll explore what Blueprint is and how it benefits our valued clients, streamlining processes and ensuring a seamless experience from start to finish.

What is Blueprint?

Blueprint is our powerful custom back office software platform meticulously designed to house all the essential details about our campaigns and clients. It plays a vital role in our daily operations, from billing and ticket management to day-to-day campaign management. Over the years, it has matured and evolved, integrating with various other platforms within our ecosystem. While the platform is internal-facing, we’ve also developed a custom API to share relevant information with our clients through our Hub platform, enhancing transparency and collaboration.

🌐 Why did you develop Blueprint? 🌐
β€œWe developed a campaign activation software called Blueprint to automate the laborious manual tasks involved in managing and supporting media campaigns. Blueprint is used by all departments at KORTX, including sales, account management, operations, finance, and billing. It allows us to increase the size of our support staff while maintaining a proven, dependable process for activating and supervising media campaigns. Blueprint allows our customers to launch their campaigns much quicker than competitors can while still ensuring quality and consistency.”
Damon Henry, Co-Founder & CEO, KORTX

Powerful Integrations

Nobody likes having to log into dozens of platforms to do their job. Our engineers are constantly working to improve Blueprint through helpful partner integrations. These integrations save time, enhance accuracy, and foster transparency, resulting in a smoother and more rewarding experience for everyone involved in the digital marketing process.

Jira Integration: Streamlined Campaign Management (2015)

Automated ticket creation and assignment in Jira, ensuring the right team members engage at every campaign stage. Meticulously executed tasks minimize delays and optimize results.Β 

QuickBooks Integration: Effortless Invoicing (2019)

QuickBooks integration automates client invoice creation based on Blueprint’s campaign data. Streamlined financial processes reduce manual efforts and ensure accurate billing.

AppNexus (now Xandr) Integration: Programmatic Campaign Building (2019)

Campaigns are generated in Xandr using Blueprint’s data with a simple click. Time-saving automation minimizes errors, allowing our team to focus on strategic planning.

DocuSign Integration: Streamlined Contract Management (2020)

DocuSign enables electronic insertion of document signing, eliminating paperwork. Clients experience faster onboarding and eco-friendly contract management.

✨ How does Blueprint enhance communication and coordination between different teams at KORTX? ✨
β€œBlueprint allows all of KORTX’s internal teams to stay on the same page throughout a campaign’s lifecycle, from the beginning during planning to the end of a campaign for reporting and billing. It contains all the necessary information in a centralized location, from targeting parameters, creative assets, and everything in between.”
Gunnar Eisenmenger, Sr. Account Manager, KORTX

Client Benefits

Blueprint ensures every campaign is executed flawlessly, leaving no room for oversight or mistakes. From the initial planning phase to execution and post-campaign analysis, Blueprint helps our team stay on track and deliver outstanding results.

  1. Enhanced Efficiency and Timely Execution: Blueprint engages the right team members at each campaign stage, reducing delays and maximizing productivity.
  2. Improved Transparency and Collaboration: Clients access relevant campaign information through our Hub platform via the custom API, fostering better collaboration between KORTX and clients for informed decision-making.
  3. Accurate and Hassle-Free Invoicing: Blueprint automates billing using campaign data, ensuring accurate and time-saving billing.
  4. Time and Resource Savings: Our Xandr integration allows quick campaign generation with a click, reducing manual efforts and freeing valuable time for creative strategies and optimization.
  5. Seamless Contract Management: DocuSign integration facilitates secure and convenient electronic signing of insertion documents, expediting onboarding and minimizing administrative overhead for clients.

Blueprint: Supporting Success Behind the Scenes

Blueprint is the secret weapon behind our successful campaigns at KORTX, empowering efficiency and client success. Investing money and engineering hours in the background ensures that Blueprint remains a dynamic and cutting-edge platform for our teams and clients.

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About the Author

Alex Morisset is VP of Product & Solutions at KORTX. Outside of work he enjoys playing pickleball and spending time with his wife and two young daughters.

Alex Morisset

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