Dynamic Lottery Ads: The Incredible Power of Custom Triggers

Erik Stubenvoll

When jackpots swell, lottery ticket sales double every few days, even if the odds of winning remain slim. With fluctuating jackpots and audiences constantly seeking updated information, static advertisements simply won’t cut it.

Custom trigger lottery ads auto-update from a RSS (Really Simple Syndication) feed, ensuring live, up-to-date jackpot info without wasting time manually changing the ad creative. Displaying the most recent jackpot amounts can also encourage more potential lottery buyers to purchase tickets.

This article reviews why lottery advertisers should consider using custom trigger ads in their next campaign.

What is a Trigger in Lottery Marketing?

In lottery marketing, a “trigger” is an advertising mechanism that automatically adjusts or activates specific content based on predefined conditions or data inputs.

Example: When a lottery jackpot reaches a certain threshold, like $150,000,000, a trigger can automatically update the marketing materials, such as digital ads, to reflect the new jackpot amount.

Instead of serving the same static ad to every viewer no matter the current jackpot status, a custom trigger enables the ad to change based on real-time data.

Also, instead of a human having to manually adjust the ad creatives each and every time the jackpot shifts, custom triggers automatically make the updates in real-time. 

Why are custom triggers so beneficial for lotteries?

“In my previous position as Director of Channel Engagement at Buntin where I worked closely with multiple lottery clients, custom triggers allowed us to automate many of our Jackpot Games Trigger Campaigns (EG Mega Millions/Powerball gets over $250M) processes, saving teams time and reducing opportunity for errors.

Teams no longer had to work weekends pending results of drawings to make changes. We also utilized dynamic creative to push actual jackpot amounts into banner advertising.”

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VP of Brand Strategy, KORTX

How Custom Trigger Lottery Advertising Works

Custom trigger ads are built from an RSS (Real Simple Syndication) feed. Think of an RSS feed as a broadcaster of information. Whenever a website, such as a lottery site, has new data (like updated jackpot amounts), it is added to its RSS feed.

Here’s a detailed breakdown of how the process works:

  1. A developer sets up a custom trigger tailored to the lottery’s specific requirements.
  2. Custom trigger systems continuously monitor specific RSS feeds, like those from lottery sites.
  3. When the RSS feed updates with a new jackpot value, the trigger detects this change.
  4. Upon detection, the trigger adjusts the ad content to display the new amount.
  5. Ads across various platforms (websites, apps, digital billboards) instantly showcase the updated jackpot value.

custom trigger lottery ad example

An example of a dynamic custom trigger ad. As the lottery jackpot rises, the ad automatically updates via RSS feed to reflect the new amount.

Using real-time custom triggers enhances the immediacy and relevancy of lottery ads, driving greater ticket sales during peak interest periods when lottery sales take off.

How KORTX Uses Custom Trigger Ads For Our Lottery Clients

When a prominent lottery client approached our team, they expressed the desire for a dynamic marketing strategy that would echo the real-time shifts in the lottery world. They didn’t just want another ad campaign; they sought an engaging, real-time experience for their audience.

Our engineering team recognized the unique requirements and developed a custom trigger that would update instantaneously. The result? An ad that didn’t just display static information but changed in real-time, reflecting the current status of the lottery.

Our team then took it one step further by integrating the custom trigger functionality into Axon Audience Manager, which displays granular data about the various triggers, helping lottery clients understand exactly where their ad dollars are going.

custom trigger lottery advertising

In this example, our lottery client can see which lottery type (e.g., Keno, Powerball, Mega Millions) brought in the most revenue through the custom trigger ads.

While dynamic lottery content via RSS isn’t new, what sets us apart is the rapidity of our trigger updates and the detailed insights our clients receive. While many agencies grapple with automatic updates to dynamic creative, our engineering team refined the process for optimal efficiency. 

From Our Clients

“KORTX helps us drive maximum efficiency in our digital media efforts. Their dynamic trigger functionality has removed the downtime necessary to update creative when jackpots hit various thresholds. Instead, they can set them to turn on and off based on our provided rules.”

Can Custom Trigger Ads Work for Offline Lotteries? Absolutely! Here’s How (+ Examples).

Custom trigger ads aren’t reserved for online lotteries. In fact, offline or in-store lotteries can still use dynamic custom trigger ad capabilities in their campaigns.

The versatility of custom triggers extends beyond just display ads, with different creative types like:

  1. Dynamic Display Ads: Digital advertisements automatically change content based on real-time data or user behavior, including rich media ads.
  2. Programmatic Digital Out-Of-Home: Automated real-time buying and selling of digital outdoor advertising based on specific criteria.
  3. Online Video (OLV) Ads: Digital advertisements delivered through video content online.

Each can combine with the custom trigger feature, so audiences see the most current jackpot information, keeping campaigns fresh without taking the time to turn the ad creatives on and off manually.

1. Dynamic Display and Rich Media Ads

Like online lottery retailers, dynamic display ads can also work with offline lottos. Rich media ads use interactive and dynamic visuals to grab an audience’s attention.

For example, offline lotteries can add a map component to their dynamic ad to entice the online audience to buy a ticket at a nearby location. This custom offering can showcase the current jackpot amount and a map with the nearest ticket purchase location.

We could use the custom trigger functionality of the display ad:

And combine it with the power of a customized store locator option:

2. Programmatic Digital Out-Of-Home Ads

Digital Out-Of-Home ads automate the decision-making process for media buying, targeting specific audiences on digital billboards and screens in public places. Online and offline lotteries can engage potential players while they go about their day.

Digital Billboards

digital display ad example

An example of a dynamic digital billboard.

Traditional billboards can be replaced with digital ones. When jackpot values change, the values displayed on these billboards can be updated in real-time using custom triggers, drawing attention and encouraging ticket purchases.

Digital billboards encourage drivers to purchase tickets by displaying real-time jackpot amounts updated through custom triggers, creating a sense of urgency as the numbers climb.

In-Store Displays

trigger display lottery

Aldi, a major grocery retailer, uses in-store displays to excite shoppers.

Retail locations selling lottery tickets can employ digital screens that showcase the current jackpot amounts. These screens can automatically update the jackpot value based on the triggers.

3. Online Video Ads

Pre-roll video ads allow lotteries to showcase short, engaging promotions right before a viewer’s chosen content. Online video ads offer a compelling choice to draw attention to the latest jackpot or lottery game for online and offline lotteries.

For pre-roll ads, different videos can be created for different jackpot thresholds, like the Colorado Lottery example below: 

Triggered at $325 million

This 15-second Colorado Lottery example could be used as a pre-roll online video ad.

Triggered at $425 million

What Will Your Lottery Marketing Story Be?

Jackpots grow fast, so lotteries must lean into dynamic, real-time solutions that will capture lottery players—and their dollars. Dynamic custom trigger ads allow online and offline lotteries to create more engaging and efficient campaigns, all while reducing the manual aspect of consistently updating creative and messaging.

KORTX’s custom trigger code and Axon Audience Manager are the perfect dynamic duo for lottery advertisers looking for deep insights, flexibility, automation and data-driven decision making.

💸 Turn Jackpot Excitement Into Unprecedented Sales

Capitalize on the thrill of surging jackpots with KORTX’s custom trigger ads. Through Axon Audience Manager, we use First-Party data to ensure your campaigns aren’t just real-time but maximize every ad dollar spent.

Erik Stubenvoll is a Managing Director at KORTX with over 20 years experience. When he is not learning about his client’s goals, he is on the sidelines with his wife at his daughter’s softball and soccer games or on the golf course.


Erik Stubenvoll

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