Introducing Kampus: A Marketing Platform from KORTX

Alex Morisset

We are thrilled to announce the launch of our newly enhanced marketing platform, Kampus. At KORTX, we are committed to elevating your user experience, and Kampus is designed to do just that.

Where did the KORTX Hub go?
Beginning today, when you log into the Hub, you’ll be greeted by a renewed interface, a revitalized name, and a commitment to continual enhancements and updates. For current clients, your Hub login credentials will seamlessly transition to Kampus.

What is Kampus?

Kampus symbolizes our refined approach, integrating features like Axon, campaign reporting, creative previews, and essential insights into one coherent, user-friendly platform.

But that’s not all. Over time, expect even more exciting features and benefits, including a revamped audience taxonomy, a dedicated segment insights section, and the introduction of Analytics Pro, featuring unlimited data connectors. 

 ✨ Our mission? To make Kampus your go-to marketing platform, providing a solution that is not only technologically advanced, but also inherently user-centric.

Consolidating marketing information lays the groundwork for efficiency, accuracy, and strategic decision-making, propelling superior results.

What was the primary goal behind creating Kampus, and how does it align with our clients’ needs?

“We recognized the ever-evolving complexities of the digital marketing landscape and understood that businesses needed a more intuitive, centralized system to navigate these challenges powered by both technology and a proven customer services organization.”

Damon Henry

Co-Founder & CEO, KORTX

Streamlining Marketing Operations: The Kampus Advantage

Centralizing marketing data in a single platform offers compelling advantages. It boosts efficiency, eliminating the need to juggle various tools. This consolidation provides a holistic view of efforts, revealing how elements interact and influence performance.

Data integrity is key. Keeping all data in one place minimizes errors. The unified platform enables seamless, customized reporting, offering a complete snapshot of ROI and critical metrics.

Kampus empowers real-time decisions. Marketers will be able to adjust strategies based on up-to-date data swiftly. Targeted campaigns thrive on integrated data, allowing for more impactful outreach.

The cost efficiency of integrating Kampus will substantially reduce the need for multiple subscriptions. Enhanced collaboration will increase. Teams can work seamlessly, aligning efforts for more potent results. 

Where did the name “Kampus” come from?

“Kampus is inspired by the hippocampus, a brain structure pivotal for learning and memory, mirroring our commitment to helping businesses enhance and refine their marketing strategies. This name embodies our service’s essence, focusing on using insights and data to create impactful, personalized advertising campaigns that truly resonate.

Kampus is the tangible representation of our proven process and serves as the unified product our customers engage with. We’ve streamlined and integrated all aspects, including Axon, campaign reporting, creative previews, and campaign insights, into one user-friendly interface within Kampus for enhanced ease and efficiency.”

Eric Lee

Co-Founder & COO, KORTX

Kampus Features Release Timeline

Available Now (October 2023)

  • Custom Reporting: Collaborate seamlessly with our Analytics team to craft tailor-made reports, aligning every data point with your specific objectives. These reports are seamlessly embedded within the Kampus platform, providing real-time insights to supercharge your campaigns. 
  • Campaign Reporting 2.0: Get a holistic view of all your campaigns’ performance and impact, transcending individual media tactics. 

November 2023

  • Rich Media Review: Streamline the creative review process. This integrated feature facilitates seamless feedback and approval for the custom Rich Media units expertly crafted by KORTX. 
  • Audience Taxonomy & Segment Insights: Seamlessly view and analyze your First-Party audience segments from Axon, all within one user-friendly platform.

Q4 2023

  • Analytics Pro: Connect your own data effortlessly through a library of connectors, bringing Third-Party insights directly into the platform. Collaborate with our Analytics team to craft custom reports that vividly visualize your data, providing unparalleled insights for your campaigns. 
  • Email Notifications Support: Opt-in to receive important updates and notifications to your inbox, providing an additional channel for staying informed alongside in-app notifications. 
  • Reporting Drills: Uncover metrics specific to each media tactic, allowing for a more detailed and nuanced understanding of your campaign performance. 
  • Dstillery Integration: More to come.
  • Advertiser Insights: More to come.

2024 & Beyond

  • Custom Reporting
  • Homepage Dashboard Redesign

➡️ Be sure to check back for new feature updates & information.


Alex Morisset is VP of Product & Solutions at KORTX. Outside of work he enjoys playing pickleball and spending time with his wife and two young daughters.

Alex Morisset

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