Meet Our Team: Discover the Faces Behind KORTX’s Success

Kate Meda

At KORTX, we know our success depends on the brilliant individuals who bring their passion and expertise to work every day. Our “Meet the Team” series spotlights our talented professionals who make our company thrive.

In this special roundup post, we’re taking you to meet our team members behind the scenes. You’ll get a glimpse of who they are, what they do, and what drives them. Each profile delves into their daily roles, personal loves, the challenges they tackle, and the accomplishments that make them proud.

Join us as we explore these stories, from the innovative minds in development to our creative spirits in marketing.

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💼 Account Management

  • Jess Ostrom, VP of Client Services: I love that we at KORTX challenge the status quo. We don’t just accept a campaign at its surface–we ask questions, dive deeper, and explore ways to make it better.”
  • Maria Wittbold: St. Account Manager: “Outside of work, I love spending time with family, friends, and our four-legged son, Garth. I come from a big Italian family, so all our gatherings are typically centered around food!”

🎨 Marketing

  • Stephanie Kosovich: Marketing Director: “My days are a blend of managerial and strategic tasks. They involve collaborating with Sales, Strategy, and Product teams to ensure our marketing efforts are aligned with the company’s overall goals.”

👥 Human Resources

  • Laurie McNamara, HR Director: “As an HR Director, my role is like that of a backstage conductor, ensuring the company’s harmony. I focus on cultivating a workplace culture where each team member feels valued and supported in their professional growth.”

🖥️ Ad Operations

  • Matt Grevenstuk, Ad Operations Specialist: “In my first two years at Michigan State University, I explored various courses while undecided about my major. Advertising caught my attention and resonated with me, blending intriguing elements of psychology and creativity.”

🧰 Engineering

  • Javier Fernandez, Principal Software Engineer:My idea of retirement is going back to school forever. Jeff Bezos sends me hand-written thank you cards for every hundred books that I buy. I keep the house warm with them in the winter.”

🧩 Account Strategy

  • Drew Pytel, Sr. Account Strategist: “I was fortunate that my high school offered Marketing classes, and I was a part of DECA (formerly Distributive Education Clubs of America) while there. I just knew it was the career path for me.”

🛠️ Product

  • Al Morisset, VP, Product & Solutions: “I joined KORTX in March 2018 and was with the company for four years. After a year-long stint elsewhere, I returned to KORTX this past February. My decision to return stemmed from the profound connection I felt with KORTX.”

📊 Analytics

  •  Jeff Israel: Director of Analytics at KORTX: “I lead the analytics and partner solutions teams. On top of managing those teams, a large part of my role is focused on elevating KORTX’s analytics offering from a product/software standpoint and the services we provide to clients.”

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Kate Meda

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