KORTX Employee Spotlight: Maria Wittbold: Sr. Account Manager

Kate Meda

As the Senior Account Manager and Team Lead at KORTX, Maria plays a key role in guiding her team to success while managing a diverse client portfolio. Her leadership and expertise maintain KORTX’s reputation for high client satisfaction and meeting marketing objectives.

Her journey at KORTX, marked by growth, learning, and a forward-thinking approach, offers valuable lessons for anyone looking to make their mark in digital marketing. 

Discover Maria’s role, approach to overcoming industry challenges, and the collaborative spirit that defines her and the account management team’s success at KORTX.

Explain your role here at KORTX. What team are you on?

As a Senior Account Manager and Team Lead at KORTX, I oversee a talented group of Account Managers while also managing my own book of business. 

The Account Management team is responsible for maintaining quality relationships with our clients to help them achieve their marketing goals. Additionally, our team acts as the primary point of contact for internal teams and departments working behind the scenes to activate campaigns or build out new products, ensuring they are aligned with our client objectives.

When did you join KORTX? 

I joined KORTX in June 2018. It’s crazy to think I will be going on my sixth year as a KORTXer!

What do you love about working at KORTX?

I love our team. I have said this since day one, but I truly have never met a group of people who are so kind and inspiring. I feel grateful to have found an incredibly supportive team that challenges me to think outside the box.

I really appreciate the level of autonomy and self-starter mentality that is not only encouraged but also crucial for our team’s success. Although we always collaborate cross-departmentally, every team member can take ownership and come to the table with new, innovative ideas.

What’s one significant challenge you face in your role?

Our industry is ever-changing. So many elements in Digital Marketing fall into the “here today, (potentially) gone tomorrow” category (I’m looking at you, cookieless future!). I find I have a love-hate relationship with change in general but appreciate the perspective and challenge it provides me.

What’s a typical day like for you?

A typical day for me can consist of a handful of different tasks. From Client Status Meetings and internal Tactical Meetings to pacing and performance reporting, trafficking, tag mapping a site with Axon tags, Kampus Demos, and Kick-Off Calls—you name it—there isn’t much that the AM team does not oversee from a client services perspective!

However, my favorite part of the day is collaborating with our internal teams to ensure all our client’s needs are met and returning those insights to our clients.

What are your favorite things to do outside of work? 

Outside of work, I love spending time with family, friends, and our four-legged son, Garth. I come from a big Italian family, so all our gatherings are typically centered around food!

My husband and I also love to travel, so we always seek our next adventure. Our latest trip was around Southeast Asia for our honeymoon, but we love traveling to northern Michigan to spend a weekend on the lake.

What was your favorite band ten years ago? 

My favorite artist 10 years ago is still one of my favorites today, John Mayer. My mom was a huge John Mayer fan and would take us to all his shows when we were younger.

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Kate Meda

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