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KORTX has always been built on a data foundation, whether utilizing data for media optimizations/insights or developing real-time, First-Party audience management solutions like Axon. Our customers recognize our proficiencies in these areas and have engaged our team to support their data maturity journey (data governance, quality, dashboards and reporting, analytics, and marketing effectiveness). Given the customer demand, bringing in senior talent to expand our data analytics capabilities only made sense.

That’s why in March 2023, we brought on Jeff Israel to help lead our Partner Solutions team as the Director of Analytics. 

At KORTX, our Partner Solutions team supports our internal team and clients with analytics. This team offers professional services, from personalized reporting dashboards to platform assistance (like GA4 Transition Services).

✨ Making Marketing Analytics Work for Our Clients
“Marketing analytics is a key pillar of our business, and we see an enormous opportunity to help our customers address their marketing analytics needs. Companies face a rapidly evolving marketing/media/advertising landscape with increased privacy and data collection regulations, major platform changes by tech vendors, and a significant shortage of qualified talent. We look to provide the solutions, processes, and support model to help our customers navigate and embrace this change.”
Damon Henry, Founder & CEO, KORTX

Explain your role here at KORTX. What team do you lead?

I lead the analytics and partner solutions teams. On top of managing those teams, a large part of my role is focused on elevating KORTX’s analytics offering from a product/software standpoint and the services we provide to clients. Another focus of mine is helping promote professional services that KORTX can provide clients, such as dashboard building, tag management, SEO, and web analytics assistance, along with looking for new areas of focus where we can assist our partners and clients.

Why did you decide to join KORTX this year?

I joined KORTX because I felt like this was an excellent opportunity to take my skill set and experience and play a key role in building up parts of a company that has grown rapidly and produced some tremendous work in a relatively short time. I fell in love with the idea of getting to help drive the development of software and services that would help KORTX be an even better partner for clients to work with.

What do you like about it so far?

One part I have enjoyed the most about working at KORTX is how connected every person and team is with others across the organization. Despite different departments and remote work, everyone works together as one team, and that’s not as common as you would think. 

Another part I love about KORTX is how experienced the people here are. Everyone I interact with has been in the industry for a good amount of time and is what I consider an expert in their field.

What are your goals regarding your role (for the team and the company)?

My overarching goal is to accomplish what I was brought here to do, which is to drive KORTX’s analytical and professional services offerings to the highest levels possible. As part of that, I am very excited about developing best-in-class digital analytics solutions as part of a full end-to-end campaign lifecycle platform that makes the lives of our internal teams and our clients easier.  The other thing I would add from a management standpoint is helping to develop my team members and see them advance in their careers. That is a super fulfilling goal.

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Tell us a little about your experience before KORTX.

I grew up in Austin, TX, then went to Texas State in San Marcos (30 mins outside of Austin). I moved to Dallas in Jan 2011 after graduation and worked as a media planner for a small agency called Slingshot for two years. After having short stints as a paid search specialist and a programmatic specialist, I started as an analyst at Centro (now Basis) in 2013 and eventually became VP of Client Analytics. During my ten years there, I helped implement best practices and efficient processes around digital campaign reporting and analysis, built and managed a team of analysts, and ultimately helped drive and retain revenue.

What’s your biggest Analytics pet peeve?

This is a great question… From a digital media standpoint, the limited use of consistent naming conventions has always driven me crazy. It’s a relatively easy way to ensure clean data in reporting, which benefits everyone greatly. 

The other thing that comes up somewhat frequently is the limitations that platforms have on data you can pull at certain levels of granularity versus others. For instance, some platforms do not allow you to see all the metrics available at the creative level when you need to look at data broken out by DMA. It can be frustrating and limiting when it comes to reporting.

What are a few fun facts about you outside of work?

I’m a huge sports fan (Texas Rangers, Dallas Cowboys, Dallas Stars, San Antonio Spurs, Texas Longhorns – grew up in Austin, Baylor Bears – wife is a grad). I love going to baseball games with the family during the spring and summer and watching any sport from home.

I try to play golf a few times each year if I can (the weather in Texas doesn’t always make it easy). Our family loves to travel to Maui (my favorite place on earth)! Love spending time with my family (wife Amanda and 2-year-old son Miles)! We’re expecting a baby girl (Malia) in mid-May.

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