Win the Battle for Attention: Interactive Ads in QSR Marketing

Eric Simone

There are currently 201,865 fast food restaurants in the US, leading to a total market of $331.41 billion. In the fiercely competitive world of Quick-Service Restaurants (QSRs) and fast-food chains, digital marketing has become the battleground for capturing the attention of hungry consumers.

QSR marketers face significant challenges when trying to stand out from the crowd and effectively reach their target audience. Harnessing the power of interactive and dynamic creative ads can easily add a wow factor to display advertising. These innovative advertising formats captivate audiences and address the key challenges QSR marketers face today.

Add eye-catching elements like maps, carousels, links, and dynamic creative changes to catch your customers’ attention and help gather data on your users simultaneously.

🍟 How can you differentiate your brand’s digital marketing efforts to stand out from competitors in a highly competitive QSR landscape? 🍟
“Brands need to understand their target audiences’ complexities, appreciating their unique cultural identities, values, and experiences. They can do this by crafting authentic, resonant messages that celebrate their distinctiveness, like promotions based on cultural preferences, seasonal events or local celebrations. This will help QSR brands stand apart from competitors and, ultimately, spur sustainable growth.”
–Brandon Pollard, Director of Ad Ops, KORTX

Benefits of Interactive & Dynamic QSR Creative

As technology continues to reshape how we engage with customers,
creative QSR ads can help your brand stand out. Interactive ads allow brands to grab the user’s attention and keep it. Some of the main benefits of using this type of creative for QSR marketing include:

  1. Memorable Moments: Interactive creative ads allow QSR brands to gamify the advertising experience, engaging customers playfully and interactively. This creates unique customer experiences, increasing brand affinity and positive associations with the QSR.
  2. Personalization: Interactive ads can be customized based on customer preferences, location, weather, time of day and more.. By delivering a personalized experience, QSR brands can target meal times (breakfast in the morning, lunch after noon) or other key moments.
  3. Increased Engagement: Interactive creative ads encourage active participation from customers, capturing their attention and prolonging their interaction with the ad. This increased engagement can lead to quicker conversions.
  4. Data Collection: Interactive ads allow brands to collect valuable First-Party customer data. Brands can gather insights about customer preferences, behaviors, and demographics. This data can then be used to refine marketing strategies, improve targeting, and enhance customer experiences.
  5. Cross-Channel Integration: Interactive ads can be seamlessly integrated across multiple channels and devices, including websites, mobile apps, social media platforms, and even physical touch points within QSR locations. This cross-channel integration allows for consistent messaging and a cohesive brand experience, reinforcing brand identity and increasing brand recognition.

🍟 Considering the diverse nature of QSR customer bases, how do you adapt your digital marketing strategies to local markets or regional preferences? 🍟
“An excellent option is to provide personalization by using dynamic creative. Different components such as location (locate a restaurant map functionality) and time of day (showcasing different menu items for breakfast vs. dinner) can be uploaded into a template and served based on the parameters set. This cuts down on creative production and quickly delivers more relevant and personalized messaging to each user’s ad experience.”
Drew Pytel, Senior Account Strategist, KORTX

Dynamic & Interactive QSR Components 

The following components help transform QSR marketing efforts from simple, often skippable creative to something that delights and engages your customers.

Universal Links

Universal links allow brands to link directly to their app download.

Customer Benefit: Customers can quickly and easily download the app.
Brand or Agency Benefit: Boost app downloads and track the number of app downloads that came directly from your ad. 


Videos are a highly engaging format that easily captures a customer’s attention in a sea of flat creative. 

Customer Benefit: Customers see their favorite foods in an engaging high-end unit.
Brand or Agency Benefit: Video content has proven over and over again to boost brand recall and affinity.


Carousels refer to a selection of images or products a user can scroll through on an ad.

Customer Benefit: Carousels allow your customer to interact with your brand while exploring various offers such as menu items, recipes or coupons.
Brand or Agency Benefit: Carousels increase overall engagement while boosting brand awareness. 


Maps allow digital marketers to showcase the closest location to a specific customer, allowing them to easily navigate for in-restaurant purchases.

Customer Benefit: Maps provide immediate satisfaction for hungry customers interested in a meal by showing them the nearest location.
Brand or Agency Benefit: These ads utilize Google Maps to increase brand recall and restaurant visits, letting customers know when a restaurant is nearby.

Dynamic Variants

Dynamic ads provide a tailored experience for each customer. These ads change based on location, time of day, weather, and other factors, and can present relevant offers or coupons.

Customer Benefit: Your customer receives a tailored experience such as a coupon or special offer based on a specific factor, making your brand top of mind.
Brand or Agency Benefit: Save time on production by using one design layout with numerous images and copy swaps while bringing your brand’s message to the market faster. Plus, save money by serving different directives based on specific factors.

Creative Ads: A Must-Have for QSR Marketing

By leveraging interactive and dynamic creative ads, QSR marketers can overcome the challenges of audience targeting, brand differentiation, and digital advertising complexity. These innovative ad formats offer a pathway to success, enabling marketers to create impactful campaigns that resonate with their ideal customers, differentiate their brand, and optimize their digital advertising efforts efficiently.

QSR Creative That Wows! 🍟✨

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