Case Study

Tropical Smoothie Cookieless Test

ID-Free Cookieless Targeting Case Study

Tropical Smoothie Cafe partnered with KORTX and Dstillery to test new solutions for the future cookieless ecosystem.


Tropical Smoothie Cafe wanted to start preparing for the cookieless future using their First-Party data from KORTX's Axon Audience Manager.

KORTX partnered with Dstillery and set a goal to test its ID-Free solution alongside currently targeted audiences, comparing the online purchase CPA across the board.

We aimed to demonstrate that cookieless audiences could match or beat Tropical Smoothie's historical online purchase CPA.


Partnering with Dstillery, KORTX’s Axon Audience Manager uncovered Tropical Smoothie’s First-Party segment of online purchasers as the seed audience for their ID-free Custom AI solution.

Implemented alongside KORTX’s previously utilized audiences and select inventory sources, the campaign was built to organically allow the best-performing segments and inventory to receive priority delivery.



The ID-free Custom AI audiences improved the client's display CPA by 70% and video CPA by 75% compared to Third-Party QSR segments and contextual competitors.



display CPA improvement


video CPA improvement

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