Recharge Days: Supporting our Employees’ Well-Being

Madi Topjian

We want our employees to work where they feel the most comfortable – whether that be at the office, in their homes, or at a local coffee shop. With that, we understand the new way of working has created a blurred line between work and home – making it difficult to completely walk away at the end of the day. At KORTX, employee experience is key to our success, which is why Recharge Days were implemented. 

What are Recharge Days?

Recharge Days are wellness days, established to allow employees to take one day off a month to do whatever they want. This can look different for everyone: catching up with friends and family, cleaning the house, or binge-watching Netflix all day. Whatever the day consists of, we want to make sure our employees are maintaining a healthy work-life balance and taking time for themselves. 

Why Were Recharge Days Implemented?

KORTX has an open PTO policy, but managers were noticing employees primarily taking time off to go on vacation. While getting out of town is fun, sometimes it’s not as relaxing as most would imagine. We’ve all probably experienced the “I need a vacation from my vacation” feeling.

Even employees who weren’t going on vacation were still only using their days off sparingly. PTO was not being utilized to take care of their emotional and mental well-being – instead, time off was only being used for special occasions. 

Leadership implemented Recharge Days so KORTX employees can take a break from their responsibilities for the day, refocus and come back recharged!

⚡️ Official Recharge Policy ⚡️

All KORTX employees and managers are to take one day off a month to recharge: clean out that hall closet, rest, take the family to lunch, go on a long bike ride, catch up on shows. Whatever you need to do to rest and recharge for the month both mentally and physically. We know our employees work so hard and want to make sure they are taking time for themselves and not spreading themselves too thin.

Recharge & Mental Health Day Benefits 

  1. Increased productivity: Stepping away from your work for a short period can increase your motivation to get back at it and be productive.
  2. Improved attitude: Having a mental health day allows you to recenter and do things you enjoy, ultimately improving your mood and attitude. Scheduling a coffee date with your mom or catching up with friends over a long lunch are all things that can boost your endorphins.
  3. Reduced feeling of burnout: Having a day to focus on yourself is a proactive step in preventing burnout. If the burnout phase is already happening, it can be a way to lessen the feeling and get you out of the rut. 

Source: Benefits of Taking a Mental Health Day

A Few KORTX’ers on their Recharge Days  

⛳ Tee Time

“Having Recharge Days is an unbelievable perk. It is such a nice break to utilize whenever I need and have a day each month that I can plan to do something fun and different or have nothing to do at all. 90% of the time, I am going to be golfing on my Recharge Days, which is the best because the courses are typically more empty during the week than on the weekends”

 – Josh Pheneger, Account Strategist, KORTX

 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 Time with Family and Friends

“Mental health has always been a priority for me and KORTX leadership has made it clear from day one that it is a priority for them as well! A monthly Recharge Day for every employee is just one of the ways we are supported regularly. I, like many others, use my day each month to catch up on errands, take “me time”, or even spend time with my friends and family. One of my favorite ways to spend a Recharge Day is with my nephew. I get to spend the whole day with him without worrying about work because I have a great team that covers everything that may come up while I am out.”

 – Dani Rusas, Account Strategist, KORTX

☑️ Catch-up Day

“As a mom of two young kiddos (4 months and 3 years), Recharge Days have become essential. I don’t exactly spend them “relaxing”, so to speak, but rather use them as a time to catch up on household chores. I typically spend the day catching up on laundry (so many tiny clothes!) and organizing toys around the house. Also, depending on the season, I will spend part of the day swapping out decor. Here’s a pic of our fall decor that I put up on my most recent Recharge Day.”

 –Jess Ostrom, Director of Account Management, KORTX

🐾 Quality Pup Time 

“KORTX has recently implemented Recharge Days to help employees re-energize for the next work day. The way that I re-energize is shared with my Blue Heeler, Bojack. Bojack is pretty reactive and we’ve been taking group classes for training purposes. During my Recharge Day, I will take Bo to a big field and practice our training techniques like recall, heel, and other important things to know when owning a reactive dog. These freeing, once-a-month, days are important to Bojack and me because it gives us an entire day to solely focus on his progress. A happy dog = A happy me!” 

 Paola Miano, Ad Operations, KORTX

 🌲 Unplugging in Nature

“My favorite way to spend my Recharge Day is taking time to unplug. I usually take my dog, Taz, on a walk somewhere. Sometimes it’s just an extra long one around the neighborhood, and other times I head out to a park or nature preserve. It’s great to be phone and laptop free for a few hours.”

Kaylee Pope, Director of Content Strategy, KORTX

Come join us!

KORTX Recharge Days are just one of the ways we support our employees’ mental well-being. Want to learn more about work-life at KORTX? Check out our current list of openings and join the fun

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Madi Topjian

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