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Founder, Tech Guru, Developer

Damon Henry, Founder & CEO, has been writing software since he was a teenager. After studying computer science, he landed a job at a traditional ad agency and helped develop their first digital services group. He successfully built a team supporting major brands such as Chevy and the U.S. Navy. Always passionate about building teams and products, he founded KORTX in 2014 to demystify the complex marketing and ad-tech ecosystem for brands and agencies. 

Damon holds a MBA from the University of Michigan. When not hard at work, he's most likely spending time with his wife and two children.

Six Questions with Damon Henry

What is one piece of advice you would give to someone starting a company? My advice to anyone starting a company is please don't take my advice. Every company has its own challenges, resource constraints, strengths, weaknesses, etc. that they must work within. Mimicking what worked for KORTX, or any company, often leads to organizations implementing techniques and strategies that might not be best for their situation.

What small change has made a big difference in your life? Learning early on that I control 90% of what happens to me and holding myself accountable for the outcome is my most important life lesson. It's all too common to blame someone for our own shortcomings when in fact we have more control than we think regardless of our current situation.

What books are you currently reading? Unlocking the Customer Value Chain (Thales S. Teixeira), Skin in the Game (Nassim Nicholas Taleb), The Divide (Jason Hickel).

What's a lesson you learned the hard way? Don't seek consensus. We want to be collaborative and consider all ideas but as the founder/CEO, you ultimately have to live with whatever decisions are made.

What other CEOs and/or founders do you look up to? I admire hands-on technical founders that run profitable companies and overcame overwhelming odds to build and run successful organizations. David Heinemeier Hansson (Founder/CTO, Basecamp), Tobias Lütke (CEO, Shopify), Lillian Chou (COO, Second Measure) and Lew Cirne (CEO, New Relic) to name a few.

Where is your favorite vacation spot? I've traveled all over the world but my number one vacation destination is Hawaii; where I was married.


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