KORTX Kampus May 2024 Release Details

Jess Ostrom

This May, we’re rolling out new features on Kampus that are all about making your day easier and your campaigns smarter. We’ve focused on fine-tuning our platform to save you time and cut costs by enhancing how you access data and manage campaigns across different platforms. 

With straightforward improvements to campaign notes, a new dashboard for a bird’s eye view of all your channels, and more concise ways to keep your important documents handy, your KORTX team is here to help simplify your workflow.

May 2024 Kampus Release Includes:

Dated Campaign Notes & Updates

In response to your feedback, we’ve directly introduced Dated Campaign Notes & Updates within the Kampus platform. Now, easily access a detailed log of optimizations, insights, and trends. These notes track trend highlights, campaign notes, and any status updates.

Each note is attributed to a KORTX team member, making it easy for you to reach out to the appropriate contact to clarify questions and concerns.

These notes are accessible from the “Campaign” and “Campaign Reporting” pages via a convenient expandable drawer on the right, ensuring you can quickly find and utilize critical campaign information to drive decision-making. 

Cross-Channel Overview Report

Our new Cross-Channel Overview Report eliminates the hassle of navigating multiple platforms to review siloed data. This first-of-its-kind dashboard in Kampus integrates data from KORTX Programmatic, Google Ads, and Meta Ads, providing a unified view of ad performance across platforms. We have plans to expand support for additional platforms in the future. Is there a specific one you want to see? Be sure to mention it to your KORTX Account Manager.

The cross-channel marketing dashboard is accessible within the “Dashboards” section of Reporting. It includes filters for dates, vendors, and ad type (such as display or online video). It enables quick, on-the-fly cross-platform analysis and comprehensively showcases KPIs.

Additional File Embed Functionality

Stop losing important documents in your inbox – it’s all in Kampus now. Our new embed functionality streamlines how you handle documents. Our embedded file options enhance document accessibility, allowing you to embed crucial documents such as client-provided flow charts or post-campaign reports directly in the campaign overview or advertiser’s page.

This feature eliminates the risk of losing essential plans and reports in emails, ensuring they are always at your fingertips. Our file embed system is designed to keep critical documents front and center. This enables your KORTX Account Management team to upload and highlight essential documents associated with the campaign’s insertion order throughout its lifecycle. With this robust functionality, you will stop losing attachments and maintain seamless access to key deliverables.

Ready to Upgrade Your Workflow? Try Kampus.

We aim to ensure all new features enhance your experience and streamline your marketing efforts effectively. These enhancements are specifically chosen and designed to simplify your daily tasks and boost campaign results. 

If you have any questions or need a deeper dive into how these tools can specifically benefit your projects, contact your account team member. New here? Sign up for a free Kampus demo to get started!

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Jess Ostrom is our VP of Client Services and nerds out about the stories data can tell us.

Jess Ostrom

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