Kampus April 2024 Release Details

Jess Ostrom

With the latest Kampus Advanced Marketing Platform update, you can expect a more intuitive interface that allows straightforward navigation and decision-making.

Our latest updates empower users with enhanced analytical capabilities, deeper insights, and personalized user experiences. By focusing on improving data visualization, offering comprehensive performance overviews, and introducing detailed analytics for targeted advertising strategies, we aim to streamline campaign management and optimization. 

Whether through improved reporting mechanisms or customizable alert systems, our goal is to provide the tools needed for advertisers to craft more effective and impactful campaigns tailored to their unique objectives and needs.

April 2024 Kampus Release Includes:

1. Graph Enhancements: Flexible visualization options.

You can now visualize your selected data by day, week & month. This visualization allows you to analyze your data across your chosen timeline. Additionally, you can now hone in on a single metric to visualize by closing out one of the two metric options at the top.

2. Reach & Frequency Reporting: Cross-platform performance view.

Reach & Frequency reporting is now available within Kampus and the Reporting Suite under the Programmatic Overview tab. 

This dataset is a combined roll-up of all programmatic line items. Also, (in typical R/F reporting fashion), it is a rolling 90-day report, which means it does not update with the timeframe adjustments at the top.

3. DOOH Reporting: Detailed venue-based analytics.

Digital out-of-home is the most recent product to integrate into Kampus directly (it’s been available as a Looker Studio embedded report until now). This report gives you real-time access to your DOOH metrics, including impressions and spend by venue and content.

You can find DOOH reporting details in the Reporting Suite under the table labeled “DOOH Reporting.”

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4. Campaign Status Enhancement: Hover-to-reveal campaign status details.

We’ve already provided status updates for each campaign (Pre-Launch, Live, and Blocked).

Historically, when a campaign is “Blocked,” the reason has been included in the email notification. Now, we’ve made it even more convenient. When you hover over the “Blocked” status in Kampus, it will also highlight the reason the campaign is “Blocked.”

Reminder: A “Blocked” status indicates that something is missing from the campaign, preventing it from going live (i.e., creative assets, pixel placement, etc.)

5. Rich Media Engagement Reporting: Detailed interaction insights.

We now have a dedicated engagement report for our Rich Media ad units. A standout aspect of our Rich Media reporting is the capability to dissect different interactions within the unit, such as video plays and scroller toggles.

These data points now have their dedicated “Rich Media Engagements” report, which can be found as a tab within a campaign’s reporting. It is important to note that this report is separate from the Rich Media report, which houses the DSP-level reporting (impressions, clicks, conversions, etc.).

6. Notification Enhancements: Personalized alert options.

We added notifications for when documents and custom-embedded dashboards become available in Kampus.

Users can also customize their notification preferences (found when you navigate to the bell icon on the bottom left). You can opt out of each notification specific to in-app (only notify when logged into the campaign) or via email.

7. CTV Proven Publisher report moved to CTV tab.

Historically, the proven publisher report has been under the programmatic overview tab. However, as it is specific to the CTV product, it has now been moved under the CTV tab. 

8. Tactic Report KPI Selector: User-driven data insight.

Previously, the tactic reports (Display, Video, etc.) did not have the KPI drop-down, and adjustments happened in the back-end systems.

Now, users can select the KPI they’d like to zero in on when viewing tactic-specific reporting.

Kampus: Always Evolving for You

These latest updates to our platform are designed with your advertising success in mind. These new and updated features offer deeper insights, enhanced customization, and improved navigability. If you have any questions or concerns regarding this update, please contact your account manager or Contact Us.

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Jess Ostrom is our Director of Account Management and nerds out about the stories data can tell us.

Jess Ostrom

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