Interactive Video Ads: Turning Old Creative Into New Experiences

Eric Simone

Marketing and advertising are all about cutting through the proverbial noise. Whether it's the email noise of an inbox that is comprised of 80% spam, or pages upon pages of content with several ads each, marketing these days has a lot more to do with getting your brand noticed.

Figures for 2021 and 2022 point to a single person seeing up to 10k ads daily, yet most of us will struggle to remember a single one we experienced that day. Want to stand out? You have to find innovative ways to ensure everyday ads make an impact. This need for a little 'wow' led to the creation of our High Impact Video ads, also known as interactive video ads, as interactivity is the secret sauce to turning passive scrollers into accountable customers.

▶️ Interactive videos lead to +66% more engagement and 44% longer viewing time.

Source: Comprehensive Interactive Video Statistics Guide for 2022

Keep reading to learn about the simple but impactful process KORTX uses for clients interested in High-Impact Video ads.

📍 What are interactive video ads?
Interactive video ads are video advertisements that allow users to interact with the ad through several components. In contrast to traditional video ads, the creative for these advertisements enables users to interact with the content through ad product scrolls, maps, form fills, and more.

📍What are interactive display video ads?
Interactive display video ads allow users to interact with an ad while the video plays. This often includes maps, product carousels, and more. Often showcased on relevant publishers, blogs, and websites, these advertisements allow for an eye-catching, interactive ad experience far more engaging than traditional static banners or graphic ads.

Benefits of High-Impact Interactive Video

It's no secret that video is an incredible storytelling tool. Interactive video brings things to a new level, especially with ad fatigue and a crowded digital landscape at play. These creative assets allow for:

  1. More Design Layout & Animation Options: By including multiple elements in a single ad, interactive video ads easily pull users' attention from elsewhere.
  2. Improved Viewer Retention: Creating video assets that people ignore or skip can be disheartening. Combining video with interactive elements keeps eyes on your product and ad, ensuring more users view the entirety of your creative.
  3. Converts Passive Viewers Into Active Customers: By providing users with just a little bit more info through interactive elements, marketers are much more likely to pique their interest. For example, giving a customer the option to scroll through t-shirt color variations can make a bland item become a purchase of interest.
  4. Creates a Sticky, Memorable Brand Experience: The combination of video and interactive elements creates a more memorable experience in users’ minds, urging them to keep your brand at the forefront even if they don’t interact with the ad the first time around.
  5. Drive Conversions via Specific Call-to-Actions: Gone are the days of one image and one call-to-action. Interactive ads allow users to explore locations, products, and more. This means the call-to-action will be specific to something they've chosen to interact with on a page. You've eliminated the secondary action of browsing locations or options and sent them right where they want to be!
  6. Trackable & Actionable Data: Interactive video ads deepen understanding of how your customers interact with content. Rather than providing details about clicks or views, these ads lead to deeper data regarding users' true interests.

💬 Old Creative on New Platforms 💬

High-impact content and engaging experiences do not always have to be synonymous with a larger-than-life price tag or a reinventing of the wheel. Brands often sit on top of a wealth of already-produced long-form content such as webinars, white papers, interviews, and marketing assets that are begging to be revitalized. There is a massive opportunity to clip and reformat the top-performing bits and pieces of these assets for new channels, platforms, and experiences. Ultimately increasing the content’s reach, longevity, and engagement.
-Eric Lee, Co-Founder & Managing Partner, KORTX

Recycled Assets Tell Immersive Brand Stories

33% of marketers do not utilize interactive video due to budget constraints (source). Production is expensive. We get it. But instead of maximizing your creative budget to create compelling interactive video ads, why not use what you already have? Chances are, you already have a video file from your latest campaign on hand and it probably took a long time to create. You may have spent a lot of effort working with multiple teams to develop the script, hire the production crew and make the edits. Turns out it was a fantastic video and you want to re-use it.

You probably also have creative from previous display campaigns that include layered files, logos, brand colors, and a layout that was already approved. With interactive video ads, you don’t have to recreate the wheel. In fact, you can showcase these assets in a new context with the ability to pair them with specific products, locations, or offers.

Case Study for Asset Recycling Within Interactive Videos: Chevy

This simple example showcases combining existing assets to create new interactive video assets.

Note: These example mock-ups are created via publicly available assets from brands and are not an example of a live campaign.

Chevy High-Impact Interactive Form Video Example
The example below showcases how existing assets can be combined into a single, interactive video ad.

The ad below combines the following:

    1. Existing Video Asset: Previous or Current On-Air Commercial
    2. Static Product/Background Image(s): 2022 Silverado Image from Website
    3. Interactive Element: Request a Quote Form
    4. Trackable Call-to-Action: Form Submit

KORTX Blog - Chevy High Impact Video Example

Gozney High-Impact Interactive Product Carousel Video Example
The example below showcases how existing assets can be combined into a single, interactive video ad.

The ad below combines the following:

  1. Existing Video Asset: Previous or Current On-Air Commercial
  2. Static Product/Background Image(s): Brand-Appropriate Background Image
  3. Interactive Element: Available Product Carousel
  4. Trackable Call-to-Action:

More Examples of Interactive Video Display Ads

The following examples of interactive video ads showcase how assets can easily be combined to create interactive video ads.

QR Code/Shoppable Interactive Ads

Interactive Canvas Video Example

Interactive Video Hotspots Example


Out of the 10k ads your customers are exposed to daily, be one they actually remember by using creative assets that allow for easy interaction. Interactive video ads easily enable brands to showcase more information during a short digital exposure and allow advertisers to put a little wow into a user’s otherwise scroll-happy digital day. 

About the Author

Eric Simone is a former filmmaker turned designer. He has years of experience working at agencies and production houses as well as in the freelance space. He is passionate about translating business needs into art and telling brand stories.

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