Testing Cookieless Identity Solutions: Combining ID-free Custom AI® & First-Party Data

Corey Rice

In light of the impending 2024 Third-Party cookie deprecation, brought about by initiatives like Google’s Privacy Sandbox, marketers face the challenge of pivoting their strategies to balance both privacy concerns and effective ad targeting. 

One emerging solution is ID-free Custom AI® by Dstillery. Unlike traditional methods, this technology uses neural network analysis to comprehend anonymous online behavior patterns. The result is a tool that enables advertisers to target audiences based on modeling, which can also be seeded with First-Party data, without relying on personal data or cookies. This ensures ads are relevant, engaging and privacy-safe. 

What is ID-free® advertising?
ID-free is a first-of-its-kind targeting technology that delivers scale and privacy. It uses AI to learn from browsing patterns detected in de-identified opt-in panel data to predict the value of an impression to a brand without knowing anything about the user. The result is privacy-safe behavioral targeting that reaches 100% of ad impressions.

Combining ID-free Custom Audiences & First-Party Data

First-Party (1P) data adds another layer to this new advertising paradigm. This data provides direct insights garnered from customers, whether via websites, CRM systems, or surveys, and is crucial for refining marketing strategies. 

What is First-Party Data?: A Refresher

First-Party data (1P data) offers direct customer insights for effective marketing and product development. It minimizes data loss risks, enhances decision-making, and enables tailored ad campaigns, boosting engagement and conversions. This info is collected directly from your customers via your website, CRM, or surveys.

✨ Learn more: What Is First-Party (1P) Data? A Guide to Data-Driven Marketing.

By integrating ID-free Custom AI with First-Party data, brands can achieve an optimal blend of privacy and precision in their ad campaigns. Specifically, this combination allows for personalized insights based on direct customer interactions, accurate predictions of inventory signals like URL, DMA, and time of day that are likely to reach your audience.

Dstillery’s CEO on Embracing ID-Free Technology

“The catalysts for adopting new targeting technologies are coming into view, with changing state privacy laws and, of course, Google’s expected 2024 retirement of cookies from Chrome. This means greater identity signal loss.

 Our patented ID-free technology stands out as an innovative approach to this problem. As a thought leader in our industry, KORTX has recognized that identity signal loss isn’t just a future problem; it’s a today problem that will only be exacerbated in time. Our experience with ID-free campaigns such as Tropical Smoothie Cafe, have validated the value that the technology brings today, and we believe it will be an essential part of any brand’s programmatic strategy in 2024.”
Michael Beebe, CEO, Dstillery

ID-free Custom AI & 1P Data Success Stories

Explore how other brands and marketing teams have successfully leveraged this combination.

🍹 Case Study: Tropical Smoothie Cafe’s ID-Free Targeting 

Goal: The QSR brand wanted to increase brand awareness while attracting new customers via digital ads.
Approach: KORTX and Dstillery worked together to decrease the cost per acquisition (CPA) for display and video ads utilizing Dstillery’s ID-free Custom AI audiences for targeting. The team did this by leveraging the client’s First-Party data from the website through Axon Audience Manager to target interested individuals.
Results: ID-free Custom AI audiences lowered display CPA by -70% and video CPA by -75% compared to Third-Party QSR segments and contextual competitors.

More Examples

🍟 ID-free Quickly Improves Cost Per Store Visit by 8% for Quick Service Restaurant
🎡 ID-free Audiences Perform 30% Better Than Competitors
💍 ID-free Audiences Shine Bright for Luxury Goods Client

Looking Ahead: The Future of Ad Performance

KORTX is at the forefront of exploring innovative cookieless approaches. A strong partnership with Dstillery exemplifies how the merger of technology and data can revolutionize ad campaigns. The combined strategy not only enhances ad targeting accuracy but also builds trust among users, ensuring a future-ready advertising landscape that values both relevance and privacy.

Cookieless Strategies Made Easy

Let KORTX handle your cookieless testing this year. Our strategy team will help you identify the top strategies to test for your business goals,

About the Author

Corey Rice is the Director of Strategy at KORTX and has nearly 18 years of digital marketing experience. Prior to joining KORTX, he has worked at agencies, publishers, and tech companies in San Francisco and Detroit.

Corey Rice

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