How Our Engineering Team Balanced Daily Operations While Launching a New Product

Luca Maioli

This quarter began with our standard routine. We upheld SOC safety standards, managed all automated reports, maintained our infrastructure, and continued to refine the proprietary systems that drive our daily operations.

However, this summer was far from ordinary. In just a few weeks, we worked tirelessly in our final push to launch Kampus, our newly enhanced marketing platform, providing our clients with a range of enhanced features and benefits.  

No problem – our engineering team was more than up for the challenge! 

What is Kampus? 

Kampus is our newly enhanced marketing platform integrating tools like campaign reporting, creative previews, and data insights into one user-friendly interface. Think of it as a comprehensive dashboard where you can access all aspects of your marketing campaigns, including reports from Axon Audience Manager, previews of your creative content, various insights, and essential data.  

Kampus is a game-changer in the digital marketing ecosystem, and we’re thrilled to introduce this upgraded offering to our clients. With access to an extensive range of decision-making tools, customers will get a more profound grasp of the performance of each of their campaigns.

How will Kampus help our clients?

“Kampus provides automated insights into campaign performance, previously done manually and limitedly. It allows in-depth analysis via charts, tables, and historical comparisons, offering a clear value proposition for clients.

Kampus delivers tangible results for our clients, offering a promising roadmap ahead. With capabilities for custom reporting at various levels, we can add specialized dashboards and insights without relying on engineering. Upcoming features include direct data downloads, Axon audience analyses, and automated analytics.

Inside Kampus, we have a cutting-edge front end and a multifaceted back end built on modern methods. Using the cloud, especially AWS, our team of six delivers what would typically need a much larger team.”

Principal Software Engineer, KORTX

The Strategy Behind Our Kampus Workflow

So, how did we accomplish this? How did we navigate the intricate maze of digital advertising challenges and create an all-new product?

It might seem like magic, but it isn’t. We’ve cultivated a special team trait: instead of only addressing problems as they arise, we’ve implemented a proactive attitude guided by clear and concise rules. This means we don’t constantly rely on a “manual” for direction, which, in my experience, can be a significant obstacle to the success of such initiatives.

Proactive Problem Solving

We employ a rotation system, where roles or tasks are systematically switched among engineers. Our approach guarantees that knowledge is effectively passed on from one engineer to the next. As time progresses, our knowledge base expands, and we are dedicated to its continual enhancement. 

In our rotation system, a designated person (who is “on”) serves as the engineering team’s point of contact or representative. They also act as the company representative for the engineering team, assisting internal teams with both routine tasks and exceptions. This prepares our teammates for work that may be needed on systems they don’t usually maintain!

How did the Engineering team work together to make Kampus possible?

“When it came down to the wire for the Kampus deadline, we were all hands on deck. The rotation system we implemented made sure that everyone on our team was familiar with all the systems. I think it was the rotation that allowed us to fully understand each other’s areas and come together in the final stretch.”

Director of Engineering, KORTX

Resilience and Expert Availability

Furthermore, this approach makes our flow more resilient to running short, as little by little, all team members become acquainted with our projects.

At KORTX, we have great Paid Time Off and Paternity leave policies. If an engineer requires time off, it’s no problem. Our adaptive planning and role rotation mechanisms ensure that projects advance by quickly reallocating tasks to sustain an experienced and knowledgeable team, even in the absence of key experts.

This adaptable and proactive approach guarantees the continuity of quality and expertise in every project, accommodating the well-being and availability of all team members.

Our Asset: A Seasoned Team

The final ace up our sleeve? Our seasoned team, with each member boasting at least five years in the industry, and some even exceeding the decade mark! Our skilled team is not just a repository of experience and knowledge but also a symbol of dedication and passion for the work we do. Our engineering team is part of the driving force behind our success, ensuring high-quality products and continually pushing the boundaries of what is possible in our industry.

Kampus: Your All-in-One Marketing Command Center 

Don’t juggle tools; consolidate your data with Kampus and witness unmatched data integrity, streamlined operations, and dynamic decision-making. Join us in redefining marketing excellence.

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About the Author

Luca Maioli is the Principal Sofware Engineer at KORTX.

Luca Maioli

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