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Extended reach to Connected TV and attributed cross-device action to CTV exposure.


NFM was looking to develop a comprehensive audience targeting strategy to support general branding while simultaneously generating online sales and in-store visits. Through the collection and segmentation of NFM data, in conjunction with media agency RCG, we were able to more appropriately target specific audiences that were most likely to engage with each unique message NFM was running. Furthermore, this messaging needed to resonate with the consumer regardless of which device they were using throughout the course of the day.


NFM adopted the strategy recommendation from RCG to implement our proprietary audience management platform, Axon, as the foundation of its comprehensive data strategy, capturing billions of consumer touchpoints across the NFM website. These data points were then utilized to build niche first-party audiences. When Xandr presented the opportunity to extend the reach of these first-party segments to CTV, we worked with RCG to build an audience strategy that would augment NFM’s linear buy.


Our team successfully expanded beyond First-Party audiences by leveraging Xandr’s curated audience segments, built on millions of AT&T consumer touchpoints, including mobile location, internet browsing and TV viewership. We also enabled NFM to reach people they couldn’t reach through linear utilizing their First-Party audience segments including cord-cutters and cord-nevers. Using the Xandr Identity Graph, the brand was able to target users that have previously interacted with the NFM website as well as those who were exposed to display and video ads. They were then able to understand the impact that CTV had on website activity, using cross-device conversion measurement provided by the Xandr graph.


By supplementing their linear buys with CTV campaigns, NFM was able to attribute CTV ad dollars to on-site conversion behavior for the first time. NFM found that CTV had a positive impact on purchase consideration and sales. The brand saw a spike in site traffic across Appliances and Electronics pages which then fell back to average once the CTV campaign ended. Following CTV impressions, we were able to attribute 141 website events to:







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