A Day in the Life at KORTX: Partner Solutions


For this round of A Day in the life at KORTX, we're diving into the world of Partner Solutions with Sean Stojanovski.

Let’s start with your background - where did you attend college and what did you study?  

I attended Oakland University and studied Business Finance.

What was your first job after graduating?

I was a personal banker for Fifth Third Bank and was with the company for five years.

How did you make the transition to digital marketing?

Prior to joining KORTX, I was a logistics specialist for Chrysler. Although I enjoyed what I did, I didn’t envision myself working for a large corporation long-term. I was looking for a place that allows you to be creative, think outside the box, and really be your authentic self. KORTX was a small startup that had a lot to prove, but the founders had a great vision and roadmap for success. Truly one of the best leap of faith transitions I’ve ever made.

You are one of KORTX’s earliest employees. How did you hear about the company?

I learned about the company from two of my good friends and KORTX co-founders: Eric Lee & Chris Rowell.  

What was your first role at KORTX?

My first role at KORTX was an Account Manager.  

Any stories you can share about the early days?

When I joined KORTX in its infancy as a true startup, every insertion order was critical to paying the bills and keeping the lights on. We would blast a horn noise over the speakers (similar to when a hockey team scores) and celebrate! 

You eventually transitioned to a different role - tell us about it.

After working on the Account Management side in a client-facing role for three years, I was ready to package that experience into a different discipline of the business. I made the transition to our Partner Solutions team which I am still a part of today.  

How did you ramp up on the technical side of your role?

Having experience working on the client side and understanding that facet of the business definitely helped set the foundation, but transitioning into any new role brings a variety of challenges. To fully bring me up to speed on platforms and processes, I shadowed various team members. Being able to fully grasp new platforms, understand how they operate, and learn new processes and requirements were all a big part of the transition. 

Describe a typical workday - what types of projects are you involved in?

Our newest project consists of working with clients to aggregate data within a singular view from multiple marketing channels. This requires a high-level of collaboration with my internal team members as well as clients to ensure that we are meeting or exceeding project milestones.  

What are a few of your favorite brands right now? 

Shinola - I love the quality and look of these watches.

Lululemon - If I could only wear joggers for the rest of my life... I would.

What’s a fun fact about you that your team might not know?

I’m the head coach of a youth basketball program for our church and have won our regular season championships the last four years.

You have a reputation around the company as an excellent cook. Tell us more about this.

I love to cook and enjoy being creative with the dishes I make. One of the best ways for me to unwind after a long day of work is to put on some music, make a cocktail (or three), and prepare something that not only tastes delicious but is also visually appealing! 


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