Technology for Business Intelligence

Effective audience development and data-driven strategic planning begin long before you launch a campaign 

Comprehensive Tech Stack

Your competitive advantage is powered by a clear path to data ownership, unrivaled transparency and custom machine learning modules for advanced audience segmentation.

Axon Marketing Platform

Axon collects and processes marketing data from all sources in a single platform so you can own your marketing intelligence. Create comprehensive user profiles, build nuanced audience segments to activate in any platform and track your media performance with advanced event-level reporting.


Define the business events that matter and Axon learns what drives them. Axon uses custom KORTX IDs and advanced event tracking to enable comprehensive profiling, building rich audience sets that you own.

Build Audiences

Build first party audiences in Axon and match, replenish and extend with third party data. Segment with multi-level conditional criteria unique to your business. Take custom audiences with you across the digital landscape.

Activate Media

From programmatic display to search and social, match Axon audience profiles instantly in the platforms of your choice to execute a fully customized digital strategy no matter how you’re reaching your audience.


One transparent look at everything from revenue drivers all the way down to creative performance. Compare channels, campaigns and even agencies, lead your digital strategy with the confidence that quantifiable results provide.


100% campaign transparency includes 24/7 access to your most important KPIs. Plan, monitor and analyze new and existing campaigns all in one platform that can be as hands-on as you need.

Track campaign performance in real time and create informative reports to share results with your team.

Let KORTX Put Technology to Work for You