Empowered Creative: Organizational Data and Personalization


Since Jack Welch embarked on the “boundaryless organization” more than 30 years ago, businesses have been working to breakdown their organizational silos in order to unify company strategies and goals, leading to improved internal efficiencies and external relationships. The birth and rapid growth of digital media has presented businesses with a new variable whose utilization is boundaryless: data.

In my previous posts, we utilized the ability of our marketing platform, Axon, to centralize a single view of a brand's customers, enabling the development and deployment of first-party segments within a long purchasing cycle and for high frequency purchases (i.e. quick service restaurants). The next step in sophisticated targeting is personalization - our first foray into cross-team data utilization.

Axon Utilization

Aligning and integrating digital marketing strategies and tactics, aggregating customer's online and offline first-party data, deploying advanced marketing technology externally to empower your brand’s digital marketing presence as well as internally across your organization are among the most important business challenges we face as we enter the 20’s.

The execution of your organization's data should be customer-centric, as customers expect a digital experience that is unique to their search and purchase history, interests and values. Brand and agency creative teams rely on the data Axon compiles and presents to inform them of banner engagements and trends to continuously evolve the structure, presentation and content of their creative messaging.

Creative Management Platforms

As your Axon profile builds with tens or hundreds of thousands of daily website events, segmentation possibilities increase. In order to efficiently build and utilize more granular first-party segments, it is necessary to develop a strategic purpose around their existence. One strategy is the creation of segments based on the type of personalized message intended for each audience.

As the size of segments and scope of personalized messaging increases, a Creative Management Platform (CMP) is used to manage the entire lifecycle of your digital advertising. This ultimately improves effectiveness and reduces the operational costs of building creative assets for each first-party segment. These costs could include thousands of unique digital banners and menial time-consuming work to load and attach them all to their appropriate segments.

With a CMP, a single set of banners can be loaded in an ad server or Demand Side Platform and creative messaging can be developed for your first-party Axon segments based on product, location (producing localized content), timestamp of site visit, weather, time of day, purchase history, point of abandonment in the purchase funnel, etc. The CMP can feed multiple creative variances dependent on the rules, conditions, and/or triggers set to each variance. From production and distribution to measurement and optimization, the CMP enables real-time, actionable creative.

Additionally, the same Axon segments and accompanying creative messages can be utilized for prospecting, growing your customer base and driving revenue. Using machine learning, we can model your first-party segments and deliver those same segment-oriented creatives to potential customers who look like those in that segment. The personalization created for our current customers turns into relevant messaging for prospective clients as well.


Data drives the quality of and ability to deliver precise messages at scale. Through the ingestion of your digital store's customer attributes, Axon is the engine behind customer-centric marketing, empowering precise and effective creative messaging in conjunction with a Creative Management Platform.

Building data-driven creative at scale - guaranteeing cross-channel distribution, altering live ads with real-time updates, building a global repository of assets, templates and strategies - is a prerequisite for cohesive brand messaging in the age of real-time personalization.


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