Unreasonable Event 2023 Recap: 5 Key Takeaways

Joe Botich

Research continuously reminds us that consumers don’t always make buying choices based on reason. This revelation was the crux of the “Unreasonable” event hosted by Young and Laramore.

Joe Botich, our VP of Brand Strategy, had the chance to dive deep into this research, bringing back invaluable insights that have the potential to reshape the way KORTX approaches its audience and brand offerings.

Consumer Insights: Going Beyond Surface Understanding

“The ‘Unreasonable’ event underscored the importance of understanding the intangible facets of consumer behavior. At KORTX, we’ve always believed in aligning our strategies with deep consumer insights. The knowledge from this event is a testament to the importance of brand empathy, trust, and understanding the intricacies of the unconscious mind. As we forge ahead, we’ll integrate these findings to ensure we’re resonating deeply and meaningfully with our audience.”

VP of Brand Strategy, KORTX

Key Takeaways from Unreasonable 2023

1. The Unconscious Mind’s Power

The unconscious mind wields profound, often overlooked influence, subtly molding our perceptions. An intriguing example is how it edits out our always-present nose from our visual field. It excels in problem-solving, sometimes surpassing conscious cognition, and enriches our conscious experiences. Additionally, it links external factors like physical warmth to emotions such as social warmth. This interplay between conscious and unconscious realms underscores the astonishing sway of the unconscious mind in shaping our daily experiences.

✨ How does this impact marketing? Understanding the power of the unconscious mind allows marketers to subtly influence consumer behavior through strategic visual and auditory cues, intuitive design, and emotional associations, leading to more effective advertising strategies.

2. The Neuroscience of Brand Empathy

Brands transcend mere products, embodying distinct personalities. A noteworthy discovery reveals that Apple users perceive the brand as an integral part of their community, while Samsung is seen primarily as a utilitarian tool. This distinction is further underscored by the discernible similarity in brain patterns among Apple enthusiasts, highlighting the depth of brand empathy and community connection. The key to strengthening this emotional bond lies in the strategic application of social advertising, which serves as the secret sauce in fostering a robust sense of brand empathy.

✨  How does this impact marketing? Marketers should shift their focus towards community-building strategies, as fostering a sense of belonging and emotional connection can significantly enhance brand loyalty and advocacy among consumers.

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3. The Sustainability Paradox

The Sustainability Paradox exposes a disconnection between intent and action in addressing climate change. Overcoming this challenge requires navigating trade-offs, mobilizing collective efforts, and adopting a long-term perspective. To bridge the gap, strategies must render sustainable choices tangible, leverage social influence, and instill habitual eco-conscious behaviors, propelling us toward a greener future.

✨  How does this impact marketing? This underscores the need for marketers to bridge the gap between consumer intent and action on sustainability by making eco-friendly choices more accessible, leveraging social influence, and emphasizing long-term benefits in their campaigns.

4. The Value in Intangibles

Value often resides in intangible connections, as seen in instances like Scarlett Johansson’s used tissue. These objects carry diverse significance, from conferring societal recognition to forming personal bonds. For marketers, recognizing this emotional and symbolic value is crucial. It indicates that successful strategies should go beyond tangible features, embracing intangible experiences. This insight encourages the exploration of innovative ways to evoke such sentiments, potentially fostering stronger brand loyalty and deeper customer connections.

✨  How does this impact marketing? Emphasize emotional narratives, create memorable brand experiences, and cultivate a sense of belonging through community-building initiatives to foster stronger consumer connections.

5. Trust in Disruptors

Disruptive brands have the power to reshape market norms and reshape consumer anticipations, often challenging the dominance of established brands, which can sometimes lead to consumer discontent. However, disruptors can build trust by distinguishing themselves from prevalent category pitfalls and highlighting the shortcomings within their respective industries. This sets them apart and positions them as reliable alternatives, ultimately garnering consumer confidence.

✨  How does this impact marketing? Make your brand the disruptor. Emphasize your unique qualities, demonstrate clear advantages, and foster transparent communication to build trust and encourage consumer adoption.

About the Unreasonable Event

On September 14 in Indianapolis, Unreasonable offered an opportunity to delve into research demonstrating that consumers often made buying decisions irrationally, providing talks from the scientists, academics, and creative minds behind it, offering marketers a chance to connect, gain insights into the science driving consumer behavior, and discover how to leverage this knowledge for behavior-shifting strategies.

 Joe Botich is the Vice President of Brand Strategy at KORTX. He brings a wealth of experience from his extensive career with iconic brands like Kellogg’s, Oracle, and Five Below.

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Joe Botich

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