5 Rich Media Best Practices: Creating Ads That Sell

Eric Simone

Rich media ads offer brands the opportunity to tell compelling stories through immersive experiences and captivating visuals. These interactive digital ad units combine various multimedia elements, including video and audio, animation, and interactive features.

In this article, we review key things to consider when getting started with this engaging advertising format.

5 Rich Media Best Practices for Building Successful Ads & Campaigns

Rich Media ads have proven to be extremely effective when executed the right way. Aside from the importance of relevant copy and design, many other factors must be considered before you start your build. 

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1. Your Target Audience + Their Devices

While incorporating captivating elements into your ad design is commendable, the true impact lies in relevance to your target audience. Even visually stunning ads won’t drive results unless they align with your demographic. The strategy certainly needs to come into play when determining your overall goal for the unit.

Rich Media Example

The North Face (TNF) ad embraces a diverse audience, catering to their unique style and budget preferences. Including features such as a clickable map link to locate nearby TNF stores and a dynamic carousel showcasing a range of tank top options empowers outdoor enthusiasts to confidently and stylishly embrace their outdoor adventures while conveniently accessing their favorite products.

2. Your Viewer’s Attention Span

Video and image carousels are often popular when considering what components to include within your rich media unit. While many units have the capability to include a lengthy video or 10-12 images within a carousel, it’s crucial to consider your viewer’s attention span: 

  • When users visit a webpage, they scroll at different speeds, and ads might be only visible for a few seconds, making it optimal to always lead with your best images in an automated carousel or video. 
  • Consider showcasing a shorter video or keeping the carousel to two or three images to avoid information overload. Overall, 15-second videos perform better. 
  • Although rich media ads have a lot of functionality, they are not designed to be microsites but focused units to bring potential customers into your brand’s ecosystem.

Rich Media Example

This imaginative Gossip Girl ad begins with an engaging text exchange, followed by a box showcasing the upcoming season of Gossip Girl on HBO Max.

The automated carousel keeps viewers intrigued, offering a captivating blend of actress photos, clickable elements, and brief biographies.

At the end of the ad, a short video trailer for the newest season is seamlessly integrated, further heightening anticipation.

3. Timing

This might seem obvious upfront, but it’s important to consider when your ads will be viewed and if the images and copy are aligned with this timing. Dynamic rich media ads are extremely powerful because they allow advertisers to trigger ad changes based on certain conditions, such as time of day or week.

While dynamic content has various benefits, quick turnaround times and repurposing one ad into multiple versions are two great reasons to include dynamic rich media within your strategy.

Rich Media Example

In this example, Circle K targets two different audiences based on weather elements. The “Warm It Up” ad is served to audiences in cool climates, while the “Cool Off Right” ad is targeting those in warmer locations. This tailored example delivers specific messaging that resonates with different audiences based on their location and the timing of their interactions, enhancing the ad’s effectiveness.

4. Call-to-Action (CTA)

Advertisers often stick to the basics when determining a CTA for a creative unit. “Learn More” or “Buy Now” are commonly used, but ensuring these specific CTAs match the intended next steps is critical. 

Rich Media Example

Nescafé, entices coffee enthusiasts with a delightful array of seasonal and year-round flavors. This festive ad creates a warm and cozy ambiance by incorporating gentle snowfall, evoking the holiday spirit and the joy of savoring Nescafé.

To encourage immediate action, the ad incorporates two strategically tailored CTAs. Users can choose to either ‘Shop Now’ for immediate purchases or ‘Get the Coupon’ for potential savings.

5. Optimization

Before finalizing your rich media designs, it’s important to consider optimization. You want to make sure your ad is optimized for delivery, and the biggest thing to consider with rich media ads is the Google initial load size restriction.

This has been put into place to ensure lower bandwidth doesn’t affect how the ad is being displayed and ultimately levels the playing field to ensure every ad shows immediately. It’s important to always consider things like video autoplay, video size, and asset layer size.

Rich Media Example

Ads with elements like this 3D tilt NASA may have larger file sizes which could lead to longer load times and potential delivery issues. To avoid these things, be sure to confirm your creative meets load size requirements. 

🖼️  Can rich media ads work across the entire marketing funnel?
“Yes, rich media units, such as Captivate by KORTX, allows a brand to build full-funnel messaging within one ad unit. This includes incorporating video for upper funnel awareness, a carousel of products or offers for mid-funnel consideration, and a lower funnel call to action like “find the nearest location ” or “learn more.”
–Mark Peake, Senior Sales Director, KORTX

Captivate Your Customers with Rich Media

Rich media ads provide a powerful avenue for brands to differentiate themselves in the crowded advertising landscape. Their ability to captivate audiences through immersive experiences and compelling visuals sets them apart from static banners.

At KORTX, we specialize in transforming your brand’s vision into captivating rich media ads. With a focus on data-backed strategies, creative insights, and expert design skills, our team is equipped to create tailored mockups that align with your specific goals. 

Whether you already have a clear direction or require comprehensive ideation and design support, we offer end-to-end solutions, allowing you to rely on us to realize your brand’s vision.

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Eric Simone is the lead designer at KORTX. Not only is he a design wizard, but he’s also a pro at commercial editing, UX, and project management. Eric has made it his mission to deliver eye-catching designs that pack a punch.

Eric Simone

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