Introducing KORTX’s New SME Series: Empowering Transformative Growth

Chris Rowell

We’re thrilled to unveil our new endeavor, the “Empowering Transformative Growth” video series. This series offers an in-depth exploration of the digital marketing landscape through the lens of our most valuable assets – our people. 

Featuring 12 of our seasoned managers, each a subject matter expert in their respective fields, the series will unveil the pivotal roles they play in shaping the KORTX culture, mission, values, and services.

Join us as we reveal the diverse perspectives and unique methodologies that drive our daily operations and contribute to the overarching goal of transformative growth in the industry.

Empowering Transformative Growth: What Does It Mean?

Since KORTX’s inception in 2014, our mission has been clear: to demysfity the complexities of digital marketing. Throughout the years, we’ve closely observed and tackled the challenges our clients face, such as navigating the abundance of digital solutions to provide transparency across campaigns and reporting. 

Empowering Transformative Growth is about breaking down barriers, simplifying the complex, and providing clarity in a constantly evolving digital landscape. In each episode, our team will delve into issues, offering insights and strategies that have propelled our clients and us forward. Converging wisdom and real-world expertise, our audience has an unparalleled chance to learn from the best in class.

How will “Empowering Transformative Growth” benefit viewers?

“At KORTX, we recognize the profound impact that diverse insights can have on driving innovation and progress in our industry. Our new video series will serve as a valuable resource for professionals seeking to stay at the forefront of industry trends and developments.”

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Co-Founder, KORTX

A Journey to the Depths of Digital Marketing

We’re excited to bring this series to you and can’t wait for you to join us on this journey. As we delve into the depths of digital marketing, each episode promises to uncover new insights, strategies, and perspectives in this dynamic space. 

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About the Author

Chris Rowell is the Co-Founder and CRO at KORTX.


Chris Rowell

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