One of the biggest challenges of holiday season marketing is effectively rising above the advertising clutter that inundates consumers and standing out from competitors that are all vying for a share of attention from their target audience. It’s never too early to get ahead of the competition and lock-in holiday focused digital campaigns that are designed to create demand and drive measurable success. 

This year there is added complexity for brands that have pivoted from the in-store purchases that typically drive holiday sales and shifted their focus to e-commerce. As a result, the coordination of sophisticated audience strategy, cross-device media presence and a personalized creative experience is more critical than ever. We’ve rounded up five KORTX strategies to help ensure this year’s holiday season is a success: 

Build A Strong First-party Data Foundation

Now is the time to ensure your first-party data is positioned for holiday campaigns, which requires a centralized solution for capturing, unifying and analyzing site traffic and potential customers. Regardless of your site’s purpose, it’s important to understand how users are interacting across every section of your website in relation to holiday campaign objectives.

Additional first-party data sources such as CRM lists, point-of-sale, lead conversions and emails help enrich each user’s profile and contribute to a personalized customer experience. Insights from these sources contribute to a holistic first-party strategy that’s not only the foundation of a successful holiday campaign, but can also help set the course heading into 2021. For many brands, the holiday season represents a peak of site activity and is the optimal time to gather audience insights and understand any correlation between the source and behaviors of site users by using UTM codes.  

KORTX Solution: Our proprietary Axon Audience Manager platform houses a suite of advanced audience management tools that are applied to every KORTX campaign. Simply place the JavaScript code in your tag manager to begin receiving real-time insights about your site visitors, which can be segmented and targeted in holiday campaigns across multiple digital end-points along with additional data inputs such as CRM lists.

Showcase Holiday Offers With Rich Media

A cornerstone of successful holiday marketing is clear synergy between audience targeting, campaign objectives and creative messaging. Increased media consumption during the holidays means that consumers are presented with more advertising than any other time during the year, putting even more focus on crafting a unique and engaging creative experience. 

According to eMarketer, rich media ad spend is forecasted to grow more than 25% by 2021, which is no surprise given that it offers an optimal combination of functionality, messaging and calls-to-action that will resonate with users. Is the goal to drive engagement with the unit? Generate a lead? Drive product awareness? With a clear objective it’s possible to develop a rich media creative experience that’s precisely aligned with these variables.

KORTX Solution: The Captivate rich media unit is unique to KORTX and features more than two dozen functionality options including video embed, image carousel, map/location, 360-degree views and more. Our design team offers full creative ideation and production services, making Captivate activation a fully-managed and turnkey process. The Captivate unit also provides multiple measurement options so you can assess performance at every step of the customer journey. 

Expand Reach Against Holiday TV Viewers

Holiday TV viewers are among the most valuable consumer audiences available, however many brands don’t have the resources or budget to execute Linear TV spots throughout the holiday season. Luckily there are two tactics that give marketers a direct line into this audience: TV viewership targeting and CTV inventory.  

Smart TV ACR data and deterministic viewership segments allow brands to target TV viewers on their digital devices, and also create media efficiencies along the way. Additionally, the flexibility and scale of this targeting tactic is conducive to reaching both broad (genre, network) and granular (program, commercial) TV viewership audiences. Activating CTV inventory puts your brand on the household’s largest screen and in front of engaged viewers at a fraction of the cost of traditional Linear commercials.

KORTX Solution: Activate cross-screen KORTX campaigns with audiences powered by ACR and Direct TV viewership data to reach TV viewers at scale. Target viewers of holiday-related networks like Hallmark, Lifetime and TBS. Complement your TV viewer targeting with contextual CTV inventory to create a holistic television-based holiday strategy. 

Use Location Targeting To Boost Purchase Intent 

There’s no doubt brands that rely on foot traffic currently face unique challenges, however targeting consumers who live within the proximity of a brick-and-mortar location can help increase store visits during the holiday season. A targeting combination of location-proximity and previous visitation provides a strong indicator that consumers would be receptive to holiday-specific offers and other incentives to drive location visits.

KORTX Solution: Our Xandr integration provides access to location data from nearly 170 million AT&T mobile customers, which are translated into deterministic second-party targeting segments. Active KORTX campaigns using these audiences, along with additional data partners that offer  precise location-based targeting coupled with creative messaging that features in-store offers and holiday discounts.     

Be Where The Shoppers Are (Hint: Amazon)

During last year’s Q4 holiday season, US consumers spent more than $3 billion on Amazon (according to the Wall Street Journal) and we can assume that figure will only increase in 2020. For brands looking to boost product awareness with active shoppers, Amazon is a smart tactic to include on holiday season digital campaigns due to the robust targeting capabilities, wide spectrum of inventory and ability to reach users across multiple Amazon channels based on a single deterministic login ID.

KORTX Solution: As a central point of digital campaign activation, KORTX can activate Amazon campaigns to complement a cross-device holiday strategy that also includes display, CTV/video, Native and Audio. Apply UTM code tracking in our Axon platform to identify site traffic sourced from Amazon and align creative messaging to drive users down the purchase funnel.

Believe it or not, the 2020 holiday season is upon us. We’d love to help you develop your custom digital media strategy and get started today!