With more than 5,000 digital ad platforms and technologies to navigate, advertisers depend on the expertise of KORTX’s marketing technologists to get the campaign results they need out of today’s complex digital landscape. KORTX employs a deep roster of media solutions to deliver, and in this post we’re pulling the curtain back on one of our fundamental tech advantages: Axon data unification.

The product of years of development and experience in the digital media space, Axon is the brain behind KORTX’s ability to deliver highly targeted, intelligent campaigns that get more efficient with time.

Tear Down Data Silos

Every campaign we run provides an opportunity for customers to engage with a brand, whether they’re viewing a webpage, watching a video on SnapChat, walking into a brick and mortar location or adding products to a digital cart. These engagement points are a key opportunity to learn more about your audience’s interests, buying potential and more, so you can deliver more relevant content in the future.

The challenge for advertisers is that without the right toolset, the data they’re collecting about customers is siloed within a given campaign channel. What you learn about a customer on SnapChat you’re not able to incorporate into your traditional display campaign. You could be showing a top-funnel brand awareness ad to a customer whose shown signs that they’re ready to buy on another channel or vice versa.

KORTX’s Axon platform tears down these silos by ingesting data from the innumerable locations it’s being stored and created into a single platform. With the ability to retain, analyze and act upon cross-channel audience information that updates in real time, Axon users parse out and build upon highly nuanced audience segments. They can then target those segments across channels, delivering uniquely relevant content.

Hyper-targeted, Custom Audience Segments

For example, our clients with more complex paths to purchase use Axon to create campaigns tailored perfectly to the audience’s progression through a sales funnel. On the path to purchase, a customer might view an ad, check a series of web pages, visit a brick and mortar location, submit a request for quote, and more.

With Axon each of those visits and events can be tagged and the information stored with the appropriate user profile. Not only can Axon users evaluate campaign success by viewing how effective it is in funneling visitors to increasingly valuable pages, they can construct audience segments in Axon based on where audience members are in that funnel for future campaigns. For example, users might build an audience of “warmest leads” consisting of only members that have submitted a quote form and visited a brick and mortar location for a conversion campaign.

Once a client builds this audience in Axon, our AdOps specialists can identify that exact segment across any number of media channels. This way, conversion campaign dollars won’t be wasted on top-funnel audience members that are nowhere near ready to buy, producing a greater overall conversion rate and helping to reduce the cost per conversion.

Address the Full Lifetime Value of Your Audience

That same kind of segmentation can be applied to a near infinite range of criteria, from demographics and behaviors to interests and product preferences. Importantly, those same audiences can be used in reverse via suppression lists, so you can specify who won’t see your campaigns just as easily as who will.

Suppression lists are essential to effective digital strategy, especially for brands with nuanced sales cycles like auto companies or insurance providers. In those cases, once leads from their conversion campaigns do buy, it’s unlikely they’d be in the market immediately afterward. Campaign exposure could be wasteful at least, and detrimental to brand perception at worst.

Because the Axon platform offers progressive customer profiling and updates in real time, it’s easy to cycle audience members out when campaign material is no longer appropriate for them. As a result, campaign dollars are not wasted on audience members who are no longer in the market, and brand perception remains intact for when users are ready to reengage in the future.

In this way, Axon drives campaign performance across the board, setting in motion a snowball-like digital strategy that gets even more effective with time.

Curious about harnessing the power of your own first-party data through Axon? Get in touch with one of our marketing technologists for more information.