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As a NMSDC-certified organization, our team has proven expertise in understanding consumer behavior and reaching diverse audiences.

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Meet Crystal.

As the Senior Sales Director & Multicultural Specialist at KORTX, Crystal Cardwell-Foote is passionate about helping clients tap-into their data to identify and reach multicultural audiences.


Multicultural Audience Guide

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Atiya Dorn, Uniworld Group.

As Director of Digital Connections at Uniworld Group, Atiya Dorn brings a unique perspective to reaching multicultural audiences in authentic ways. Crystal and KORTX Director of Strategy, Corey Rice, recently had the opportunity to catch up with Atiya and get her thoughts on industry changes and her vision for the future. Check out the interview below!

Solving multicultural marketing challenges with the power of data

Building an authentic foundation for multicultural marketing

"What gets me going is the chance to not only make a difference in how we are touching multicultural audiences, but that I get to push the limit and have a voice for those who would normally not be a primary target."

Did you know that up to 70% of ethnicity-based targeting could potentially miss the intended audience?

Check out our interview with Atiya Dorn to learn more about challenges facing multicultural marketers today.

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