Advertise on the Household’s Biggest Screen

Connected TV Advertising

Engage your target audience on the household's biggest screen like never before with KORTX's comprehensive Connected TV (CTV) advertising solution.

We deliver personalized CTV ads to the right viewers at the right time through advanced audience targeting, maximizing brand exposure and engagement.

Leveraging industry-leading partners and a vast cross-device graph ensures strategic ad placement alongside popular content. KORTX provides a range of marketing metrics to measure campaign success, including brand awareness, reach, engagement, conversions, and offline impact.

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Connected TV, The KORTX Way

KORTX delivers personalized CTV ads to engage the right viewers on the largest screen, maximizing brand exposure. With strategic ad placement and comprehensive marketing metrics, businesses can measure success, optimize targeting, and drive growth through KORTX’s CTV advertising solution.

Discover: Find the right CTV audience with KORTX’s advanced audience targeting and segmentation.

Define: Deliver personalized campaigns to your target audience by leveraging industry-leading partners, utilizing Automatic Content Recognition, and strategically placing ads alongside viewers’ favorite programming.

Activate: Launch your CTV advertising campaigns precisely, delivering compelling ads to captivate viewers on the largest screen in households.

Measure: Calculate the true impact of your CTV campaigns with comprehensive marketing metrics and actionable insights to optimize performance and drive exceptional results.

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