In recent months, brands have faced unprecedented challenges in reaching existing and potential customers amid social-distancing, shelter laws and other effects of the ‘new normal.’ Several variables factor into digital media strategy – region, industry, messaging and the product/service that’s offered. 

Many states are beginning a phased re-opening and relaxing quarantine guidelines, which presents the perfect opportunity for brands to reassess their approach to customer engagement. KORTX partners with marketers across multiple industries and regions, and we’ve outlined four key digital strategies to help brands in a variety of complex situations below.

High-Level Brand Awareness: “We’re Here to Support You”

According to a recent eMarketer survey, the most significant change in digital messaging over the past eight weeks was a pivot to ‘Mission-based Marketing,’ meaning brands sought to reassure customers that service and support would continue as usual. This tactic still resonates amid the uncertainty that consumers are facing on a daily basis, and a comprehensive digital video brand strategy plays into the increased content viewing of locked-down households.  

Recommended tactics include Pre-Roll Video, Connected TV and Programmatic Audio to drive reach and awareness. Performance measurement is focused on Video Completion Rate and Listen Through Rate as a proxy for user engagement. 

eCommerce Focus: “Delivered to Your Doorstep”

Physical retail shopping has essentially disappeared from daily life, and Foursquare reported a 74% decrease in foot traffic to retail locations during March and April. However, retail brands with a robust eCommerce and online presence experienced a sharp increase that continues to grow. Customers were quick to embrace eCommerce options to replace browsing and shopping in physical locations, and more personal free time during lockdowns translates to an opportunity for brands to showcase their eCommerce offers. 

Effective digital media tactics for eCommerce-focused brands include Cross Platform Display and Custom Rich Media to drive site traffic and creative engagement.

Safe & Secure Curbside: “Drive Thru & Pickup”

Many local businesses quickly pivoted to curbside pickup in order to sustain revenue after foot traffic dropped to zero. Consumers embraced this method, however many businesses have struggled to reach their customers and communicate that curbside pickup is still open. A hyper-local digital strategy with location-based messaging solves this issue and reminds customers they can still visit a physical store. 

In order to generate physical curbside traffic, brands can leverage Custom Rich Media units with location functionality, allowing users to view store locations on a local map and get directions. Measuring viewability and creative engagement will provide optics into potential customer interest.

Essential Businesses: “We’re Open and Thriving”

The concept of an ‘essential business’ varies from state to state, but it typically applies to services required for daily life: grocery stores, pharmacies, banks and gas stations. These brands have the advantage of carrying on with in-store business, and can focus on lower-funnel tactics such as coupons, sales, promotions and other strategies to drive foot traffic, while also communicating their methods for creating a safe shopping environment. 

Businesses in this category can promote awareness and drive in-person visitation with Cross Platform Display and Location Targeting (Mobile or IP). Executing a foot traffic attribution study, as well as measuring click-through-rate and viewability will help quantify campaign success and ROAS.  

Regardless of which category relates most to your brand, the anchor of an effective digital strategy is based on comprehensive customer insights and data management. KORTX’s proprietary Axon audience management platform provides our partners with the flexibility to gather customer insights, measure creative messaging performance and activate 1st party audiences across all digital channels.

Contact us today to discuss a digital strategy that’s customized for your brand and speaks to your customers!