Case Study

Tropical Smoothie Cafe

Formulated a digital-central strategy that enabled Tropical Smoothie Cafe to capitalize on consumer trends and behaviors.

We began working with Tropical Smoothie Cafe (TSC) in December of 2018 and quickly became an integrated digital partner for the brand through education, innovation and performance. Initially, the client was trying to understand the role that digital marketing played in relation to broader organizational growth goals such as franchise expansion, mobile-app adoption and customer loyalty. They would ultimately rely on our team of specialists to formulate a digital-centric strategy that allowed them to be dynamic and capitalize on consumer trends and behaviors.


TSC was expanding rapidly, setting a goal of $1 billion in sales by 2023, and their CEO knew that establishing a franchise-first culture was essential to reaching that mark. Marketing would be one of the most visible components of this cultural shift and it was important for franchisees to see meaningful results to secure their confidence. The client believed that gaining the trust of franchisees would provide the foundation for broader regional and national expansion. Simultaneously, the organization was focused on transforming into a digital-first quick service restaurant (QSR) by both the online ordering and dine-in experience. The client wanted to develop a more sophisticated audience targeting strategy to increase sales and generate brand awareness in new markets. Our team was tasked with demonstrating how digital marketing supported these objectives.


We tapped into cumulative knowledge compiled from managing thousands of digital media campaigns for other QSR clients. After a brand discovery session, the holistic plan was defined and a digital marketing strategy was activated that captured and organized data elements at the national, regional and local tiers.

Our team knew this three-tiered geographic approach was pivotal to program success as each layer should be able to create a unique relationship with customers or prospects based on their previous engagement with the brand. Our Axon Audience Manager was implemented and helped achieve two objectives that enhanced the media strategy:

Axon allowed the QSR to build comprehensive profiles of current customers and prospects by combining data from online and offline properties.

For the first time, the brand understood the unique interests, behaviors and demographics of their customer base which was later used to inform creative messaging with limited time offers, coupons, deal promotions and more.


With a commitment to ensuring the client was successful in their efforts, we helped TSC shift to a digital-first QSR resulting in an expanded geographic footprint and the adoption of new digital tactics. Our dedicated team of specialists continued to uncover new trends and present innovative opportunities across audience segments, business lines (i.e. catering) and digital media tactics. Our team assisted the brand in positioning themselves at both the local and national level and over the course of the partnership helped drive over $27M in online revenue, resulting in a ROAS of 6.6X. This has led to a continued partnership that exists today.



Average Monthly Revenue


Revenue (Since 2019)

6.6 X

Return On Ad Spend

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