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The Home Depot

The Home Depot

Since 2009, The Home Depot has sponsored the Retool Your School program which has provided over $4.2 million dollars in campus improvement grants that allow Historically Black Universities and Colleges (HBCUs) to make sustainable improvements to their campuses. Through this initiative, The Home Depot is dedicated to celebrating the legacy and pride of HBCUs by investing money to update, upgrade and uplift campuses. Over 31.6 million votes have been cast throughout the program’s history, and Alabama A&M took home the grand prize in 2021.


Year over year, The Home Depot has been challenged to inspire their target market - the African American community and HBCUs - to vote online and help determine which schools will be nominated and ultimately select the program winner. Heading into its next cycle, the brand required a partner with digital media expertise to help drive awareness, participation and engagement for Retool Your School.


KORTX and The Home Depot have established a successful partnership that highlights community support throughout the program’s entirety. KORTX’s team of digital experts coupled with our multicultural expertise continues to generate program participation through a media strategy comprised of Cross-Platform Display and Native ads. Since 2020, KORTX has supported Retool Your School’s initiatives from the very first step of building program awareness, all the way through to the winner announcement ceremony.

From the start of the partnership, Axon Audience Manager was placed on the Retool Your School microsite, collecting real-time site events from all users across all pages within the domain. As The Home Depot was trying to deepen impact across HBCUs through year-round executions, it was critical to implement a strategy that maximized the implementation of First-Party data.

As a result, our team extracted audience insights that influenced targeting and creative strategies throughout the duration of the campaign. For example, in order to drive voting, KORTX developed an audience strategy comprised of HCBU students, alumni and professors/administrators, and rounded this targeting out during the winner ceremony campaign.

Another unique Axon insight confirmed that tablet devices comprised the highest impression delivery and CTR during two specific campaigns – a data point that likely correlated with device usage within a college environment.


Leveraging our team’s multicultural experience and the power of Axon, we have successfully supported The Home Depot’s Retool Your School initiatives across nine campaigns. This operational experience has driven CTRs significantly higher than the industry average, resulting in an average CTR of 0.25%. Specific campaigns yielded even higher results, including the Black Friday campaign, delivering a 0.49% CTR. From start to finish, awareness of the program was quantified by CTRs much higher than the industry average, and the strong partnership between KORTX and The Home Depot continues with ongoing Retool Your School initiatives.



Average CTR


Black Friday Campaign CTR

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