Case Study

Digital Healthcare Marketing: Provider & Patient Messaging

Expanding Our Partnership Through Trust & Digital Transformation

Discover how our partnership with a global biotechnology and healthcare client overcame healthcare marketing challenges and revolutionized their digital strategies. Starting with a single brand collaboration, we expanded to four brands within the span of a single year, supported by strong trust and mutual dedication to achieving business results.

Explore our approach to complex channel management, creative engagement, and seamless campaign execution, all while spearheading digital transformation in the healthcare sector.


HIPAA-Compliant Targeting & Messaging to Providers & Patients Our journey with the healthcare client started with a single brand and, through strong results, set the stage for a transformative partnership.

As their trust in our capabilities grew, so did our role, evolving to encompass multiple brands within a regulated medical environment.

The primary challenges involved:

  1. Scaling digital marketing efforts across multiple brands while ensuring strict HIPAA compliance and maintaining high marketing standards.
  2. Fostering internal collaboration and alignment to coordinate our efforts to meet core business and campaign objectives.
  3. Tailoring digital strategies to engage with both healthcare professionals and patients distinctly.


The KORTX Campaign Advantage framework powered our expanded role. Our team created a sophisticated, multi-layered strategy based on deep industry insights provided by our KORTX Intelligence team and a growing understanding of the client’s unique needs and goals. This approach enabled us to effectively reach business-critical audiences, tailoring our efforts to meet each brand’s specific requirements.

Core elements of this strategy included:

  1. Detailed Cross-Channel Management: We employed five digital tactics—display, DOOH, Native, Online Video, and rich media— each with unique KPIs and goals tailored to meet the diverse campaign KPIs of multiple brands.
  2. Creative Engagement: Developing HIPAA-compliant creative through scrolling disclaimers and other innovative solutions that effectively engage professional and patient audiences.
  3. Seamless Campaign Execution: We enhanced communication and operational efficiency by integrating directly with internal teams. This close collaboration allowed us to manage increasingly complex digital campaigns effectively.


Our partnership's success was marked by significant digital transformation, facilitating our partnership's evolution from a single-brand focus to a leader in digital healthcare marketing.

  1. Creation & Implementation of HIPAA-compliant ad creative. A scrolling disclaimer is a display ad feature that allows lengthy legal disclaimers to be displayed in a compact space. The disclaimer scrolls text automatically or enables users to scroll manually, ensuring that all necessary legal information is accessible without taking up much of the visual real estate in the advertisement or digital product. This makes it possible to meet legal requirements without compromising the design and user experience.
  2. Successfully managed and executed campaigns for four brands, with significant growth in digital engagement metrics, driving strong site engagement, expanding interaction with the creative units, and increasing share of voice.
  3. Established a scalable, HIPAA-compliant digital marketing framework that adapted to the growing scale of operations.
  4. Demonstrated the effectiveness of our integrated strategy, improving internal efficiencies and campaign outcomes.




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