Case Study

Pharmaceutical Digital Marketing Case Study

HIPAA-Compliant Audience Discovery & Targeting

A national pharmaceutical company uncovers a new consumer base through KORTX’s HIPAA-compliant Audience Discovery process.


Reach potential product users while remaining compliant with HIPAA regulations.
A national pharmaceutical company wanted to drive awareness of their product by targeting males who may be suffering from erectile dysfunction (ED). The brand looked to KORTX and MediaSpace Solutions to put together a comprehensive digital strategy to reach potential product users while remaining compliant with healthcare marketing guidelines.


Utilize KORTX Audience Discovery process to unveil unique consumer traits.

Like many advertisers in this vertical, the brand was trying to ensure HIPAA compliance and reach users without the use of cookie-based targeting.

We leveraged our Audience Discovery process which provided event-level analysis of consumers engaging with ED-related content across the open web.

Through this, we unveiled unique traits of consumers such as the sites they were visiting, devices used, geographic location, and more. A contextual strategy was created to align the brand’s creative messaging with healthcare-related websites, ultimately driving increased relevance and ad engagement.




CTR exceeded the client’s goal and industry benchmarks by over 2.5X.
We connected a national pharmaceutical brand with more erectile dysfunction sufferers. By partnering with KORTX and MediaSpace Solutions the brand successfully achieved their goals with a final CTR of 0.35%, surpassing both the client's goal and industry benchmarks by over 2.5X.



Campaign CTR







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