Case Study

KORTX’s Device Graph & NFM

9.8X ROAS Unleashed: The Power of Device Targeting

NFM and KORTX achieved even greater success by leveraging the KORTX Device Graph for precise audience targeting and incorporating Online Video (OLV) alongside their successful CTV strategy.


Before January 2022
NFM worked with KORTX to successfully reach Connected TV audiences and track cross-device actions, leading to increased website activity, purchase consideration, and sales. This strategy involved using Axon and Xandr's audience segments to effectively target and measure CTV's impact.

What's Next?
Following the previous success, NFM wanted to build more brand awareness and drive more site actions, ultimately increasing online purchases.

✨ How could the brand build and improve upon previous success?


KORTX recommended adding Online Video (OLV) placements alongside the current CTV strategy to expand the brand’s reach. These two tactics were used in concert with one another to build brand awareness and drive site actions.

Using the KORTX Device Graph

Our device graph ensures that brands speak to the same person, regardless of which device they are on, enabling campaigns to deliver personalized advertising experiences and measure the impact of all media types on purchase behavior.

NFM ran multiple video ads targeted to those primed to buy in 4 key geographic regions.

Target Audience 

Age 25-54 interested in various furniture, appliance, and electronics offerings, Site Retargeting, CRM + Dallas, Kansas City, Omaha & Des Moines.


Through a combination of KORTX’s Device Graph and winning video tactics, the NFM eCommerce experience has thrived.

Cross-Device Success (Q2 2023)
• 68,402 site activities attributed to the campaign occurred on different devices than the initial ad impression.
• 54% of these conversions occurred via desktop after being first served the ad from a mobile device.

Increased Revenue
•18.6% increase in attributed Purchase Revenue from KORTX campaigns for site action-optimized campaigns.



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