Case Study

Mountain Dew TikTok Sweepstakes

PepsiCo/Mountain Dew Case Study

PepsiCo/Mountain Dew tasked KORTX with identifying new fan groups while leveraging TikTok and rich media resulting in more than 18K sweepstakes entries.


PepsiCo tasked KORTX with driving awareness of Mountain Dew’s “Green Means Go” sweepstakes in conjunction with the Indianapolis 500. Historically, the brand connected with race fans through NASCAR, including driver and race sponsorships such as the Mountain Dew 400, but recognized the importance of growing its fan base and saw IndyCar as an immediate opportunity. Mountain Dew looked to KORTX to identify new fan groups while simultaneously promoting the sweepstakes and custom content to both Mountain Dew loyalists and IndyCar fanatics.


We initiated the KORTX Intelligence program which synthesized 1.5B+ daily consumer signals to better understand the composition of Moutain Dew’s new target audience; IndyCar fans that frequently purchased Dew. The results were compelling and heavily impacted inventory and audience targeting recommendations and inventory alignment for the campaign. For example, IndyCar fans that had purchased Mountain Dew within a six-month period also had a strong affinity for electronic dance music and frequently attended festivals. 

Image: a selection of data inputs used for KORTX Audience Discovery

KORTX’s custom rich media solution, Captivate, and emerging social media platform, TikTok, were selected as the primary media types to distribute exclusive video content in the form of :15 and :30 ads. Axon Audience Manager was also implemented on the campaign landing page to capture the unique behavior of website visitors. This allowed Mountain Dew to develop a First-Party audience taxonomy and retarget visitors that landed on the page but did not complete the sweepstakes entry. 


KORTX Intelligence coupled with Axon Audience Manager helped uncover a new audience and ultimately drive over 18,500 sweepstakes entries. Furthermore, 163,000 unique events were captured across the campaign sweepstakes which KORTX and Mountain Dew leveraged to support campaigns through the remainder of the year.



Display CTR


Captivate Engagement Rate


Sweepstakes Entires

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