Case Study


Lincoln Corsair

Our creative team repurposed Lincoln's general market creative assets to produce a targeted and successful multicultural campaign promoting the Corsair SUV.


Lincoln had been running a campaign promoting its Corsair SUV, utilizing a one-minute video focused on reaching general market audiences. While this campaign was successful in reaching the general market, Lincoln, in conjunction with agency UniWorld Group, was looking for a way to repurpose the already created content, and tailor it for a campaign specifically highlighting African American talent and reaching multicultural audiences.


Lincoln and UniWorld Group partnered with KORTX and our creative services team was quickly engaged. Not only was the team faced with the challenge of maintaining the overall storyline, but the one-minute general market video’s length also needed to be cut in half. Additionally, the main character had to remain in the video, and other variables such as voiceovers and animation needed to be reimagined.


Utilizing the one-minute video, the KORTX creative services team successfully produced an entirely new piece of content focused on highlighting and reaching the multicultural audience. After spending so much time and effort producing the mainstream piece, our team helped the advertiser extend the lifespan of the unit and utilize it in a different way to reach an entirely new audience. The new video asset was implemented across Connected Television as well as our custom Captivate Rich Media unit, resulting in a highly relevant and successful campaign focused on the African American market. Connected Television surpassed the VCR goal by over 10%, while Captivate Rich Media resulted in a CTR 30% over benchmark.



Surpassed CTR Benchmark by 30%


Surpassed VCR Benchmark by 10%

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