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Interactive Video Ads Drive Over 1K Enrollment Apps: Medicare Marketing

Explore how KORTX helped a National Health & Wellness Organization client reach 65+ Medicare Intenders through an interactive video ad campaign during a short, 30-day flight, gaining an impressive $35 CPA.


Our National Health & Wellness client wanted to reach Medicare intenders A65+ through an interactive video ad across a short flight of 30 days. The KORTX team wanted to generate leads and Enrollment Applications in order to support the client's open enrollment efforts and also establish a benchmark CPA for future campaigns.


KORTX launched with tight targeting to ensure the campaign showed to potential converters only.

After discovering that users gathered more information on the Medicare site before submitting a lead or an enrollment application, our team changed the video unit’s click-through URL to land users on the Medicare homepage to provide a more seamless user experience.

A tag added mid-campaign allowed KORTX to track Enrollment Application Submissions. This change took tracking one step further down the funnel, ultimately leading to a successful campaign.


KORTX’s strategy led to a successful campaign despite the lack of prior baseline metrics and the short flight.

Post-campaign results saw a continual drop in CPA as there were more post-view conversions, ultimately resulting in a final CPA of $35.

With the Lead Form and Enrollment Application Submission tags, this campaign drove over 1,400 lower funnel site actions.

By changing the click-through URL, the campaign provided a seamless user experience, and strong results allowed us to maximize activity for the next flight.



Enrollment App Submissions





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