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Faith-Based Marketing: Lowering Donation CPA with 1P Data

How KORTX Lowered CPA & Tripled ROAS for a Faith-Based Donation Marketing Campaign

KORTX launched a targeted digital campaign to boost donations for a faith-based charity, leveraging First-Party data and programmatic media powered by Axon Audience Manager.


Lowering CPA for Faith-Based Campaigns

A faith-based charity client partnered with KORTX to engage a donor audience of charitable givers aged 18 and above. The campaign used a variety of media types, including Display, CTV (Connected TV), and OTT (Over-The-Top).

The charity focused intently on reducing each donation's Cost Per Acquisition (CPA) from the previous year. This task is notably challenging in the donation-based campaign sector, known for its cost-efficiency hurdles.


Optimizing Engagement: Advanced Targeting, 1P Data Integration, & Dynamic Creative Adaptation

KORTX’s strategy centered on advanced targeting and retargeting techniques, leveraging CRM lists and Axon Audience Manager to reach a broader pool of potential donors through First-Party data.

The approach included:

  1. Creative Flexibility: Employing a range of client creatives tailored to specific seasonal events to increase the likelihood of conversion.
  2. Utilizing Axon’s First-Party (1P) Data: Capitalizing on the charity’s First-Party data for targeting the organization’s existing donor base (increase donation size and volume) & creating lookalike audiences to increase nationwide reach (find new donors). 


KORTX Drove High Conversion Rates & 3X ROAS

The strategy implemented by KORTX led to personalized outreach to historical and new donors, culminating in a final CPA that surpassed the client’s target (below $50 for display, and below $115 for all media types).

CRM targeting and retargeting strategies yielded significant results, enhancing both the efficiency and effectiveness of the campaign.



Total Donation Amount




Overall ROAS

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