Case Study

Full-Service Digital Execution Partnership

Revitalizing Profits: Creative Agency's Strategic Turnaround with KORTX

Powered by a strategic partnership with KORTX, a mid-sized agency quickly tapped into our enhanced expertise and scalability, swiftly restoring profitability.


Transitioning Digital Media Operations In-House
A mid-sized agency grappled with ongoing losses in its media department. The agency opted to bring all operations in-house to reestablish control over digital media buying, including programmatic, search, and social advertising. 

However, this strategic move was met with a series of challenges.

Obstacles Faced During Transition

  1. Talent Acquisition & Retention: The agency faced challenges recruiting and retaining skilled professionals for in-house digital media operations, resulting in higher employee costs and turnover.
  2. Expertise Diversification: There was a need to broaden the skill sets within the in-house team to ensure a more diverse range of expertise for effective digital media management.
  3. Time Allocation: Balancing time amidst the demands of transitioning digital media operations in-house proved a significant hurdle.
  4. Technology Expenses: The transition incurred increased costs related to adopting and implementing new technologies for digital media management.
  5. Scaling Difficulties: The agency encountered difficulties efficiently expanding its in-house digital media operations.

✨ The agency needed a partner to help tackle this transition and obstacles.


Engaging KORTX: Full-Service Digital Execution Partnership

After thoroughly evaluating potential partners, the agency chose KORTX as its comprehensive digital execution arm. 

This alliance harnessed KORTX’s proficiency in utilizing First-Party data and access to specialized services like tailored dashboards and media execution. This strategic collaboration streamlined resource allocation and bolstered expertise.

Optimizing Talent & Expertise

Partnering with KORTX enabled the agency to reassign its talent for more lucrative tasks. The agency cultivated a well-rounded and versatile team by merging KORTX’s extensive digital knowledge with its creative capabilities. This synergy empowered them to execute campaigns with speed and precision.

Reducing Costs, Expanding Offerings

The agency achieved substantial cost savings through this partnership while enhancing its digital media capabilities. The collaboration with KORTX facilitated a more cost-effective and expansive approach to digital operations.


Success Achieved Through Partnership with KORTX

Swift and Remarkable Progress

In three months, the collaboration with KORTX delivered outstanding outcomes. Together, KORTX and the partner agency efficiently brought on board 7 new advertisers, underscoring their augmented capabilities and wider client appeal. Furthermore, they orchestrated the planning and execution of over $9 million in campaigns spanning 25 distinct initiatives.

A Transformative Leap Towards Profitability

Within this brief timeframe, the agency's media department successfully reversed its financial trajectory, transitioning from losses to profitability. This milestone represents a significant achievement in their overall financial performance.



New Advertisers On-Boarded


Month Return-to-Profitability


in Campaign Execution Across 25 Engagements

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