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Beaumont Health

Beaumont Health

Michigan's largest healthcare system partnered with KORTX to develop a HIPAA-compliant audience targeting strategy and expand its digital marketing capabilities.


Beaumont Health and its agency Fluency Media partnered with KORTX to solve the challenge of crafting an audience targeting strategy to reach new and existing patients while ensuring full compliance with HIPAA advertising requirements. Additionally, Beaumont had previously been focused on Paid Search and the marketing teams were ready to explore new digital media tactics that would provide access to untapped audiences.


With privacy compliance as the centerpiece of our approach, KORTX got to work crafting a custom contextual targeting strategy for Beaumont Health that could be deployed through Cross-Platform Display campaigns. Our methodology was built around KORTX’s unique Oracle Data Cloud integration, which our strategy team used to develop custom keyword lists for each Beaumont line of service (E.g., cardiology, obstetrics, primary care, mammography).

  • To remain HIPAA-compliant, it was imperative that campaigns did not directly target users based on keywords related to their specific ailment or condition.
  • However, a critical output of this keyword analysis was deep insights about which URLs the users visited, other topics they viewed, and which devices were indexing highest.
  • This effectively provided a detailed roadmap of inclusion lists, contextual topics and cross-device patterns for the campaign without using the ailment or condition as a targeting parameter.

KORTX also worked with Beaumont and Fluency to expand from high-level awareness campaigns to lower-funnel initiatives focused on promoting specific lines of service. Once the keyword-based contextual targeting was in-place, KORTX onboarded Beaumont to our Axon Audience Manager which powered the development of a robust First-Party data strategy using a privacy-compliant approach to retarget Beaumont site visitors.


A key result of this partnership was supporting the evolution of Beaumont Health from a traditional advertising model heavy on radio, linear and billboards into a digital marketing approach, which opened the door to more precise targeting, deeper measurement, and success attribution for real-world business outcomes such as booked appointments. KORTX, Fluency Media and Beaumont Health developed a highly consultative partnership, successfully growing to support more than fifteen lines of service across nearly 60 total campaigns. Over $500k in measured revenue and a 4.69x ROAS was attributed to KORTX’s digital media campaigns, along with stronger relationships between Beaumont and its patients. Successful prospecting coupled with conquesting of other Michigan regional hospitals helped Beaumont influence new and existing patients through KORTX’s digital media strategies.



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