Case Study

Bayer Crop Science

Bayer Crop Science

Refined targeting strategies to reach farmers with crop-specific messaging.


Bayer Crop Sciences was utilizing Third-Party audiences to reach farmers broadly, but they were unsure if they were delivering specific product messaging to the right niche audiences. For example, was their corn messaging reaching corn farmers and wheat messaging reaching wheat farmers, or were they targeting corn farmers with wheat messaging? The brand looked to us and media agency Rhea + Kaiser to help refine their targeting and efficiently reach potential customers with the right product messaging.


Axon Audience Manager was utilized to extract audience insights and track behavior about users from endemic agriculture-based publishers and industry journals to better understand how visitors were engaging with content across the brand’s website.

This ultimately helped the brand move away from utilizing Third-Party data sets, and pivot to using viewed URLs as a proxy for the farming category, thus ensuring the target audience was aligned with the proper crop-related creative messaging (e.g. users that visited wheat URLs were segmented and served wheat-product creative). This approach also allowed Bayer Crop Sciences to analyze each product separately and us to maximize optimization results throughout the campaign.


Bayer Crop Sciences surpassed their original goal of a 0.10% CTR by over 2.4X and viewability goal by nearly 10%. Our media operations experts were able to balance CTR performance and Viewability by applying a combination of human and algorithmic optimization, ensuring both metrics achieved the client’s goals. This campaign’s CTR performance exceeded the industry average by 21%










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