Case Study

$1.5M Fundraising Success: Non-Profit Marketing Case Study

Fundraising for the American Cancer Society (ACS)

Our team helped the American Cancer Society (ACS) generate substantial ROAS, translating to more than $1.52M in measurable donations during the holiday season.


Driving Holiday Donations with Axon Audience Manager’s First-Party Data

Aside from site-direct contributions, the American Cancer Society wanted to generate donations through their Amazon Smile program, which would contribute 0.5% of all eligible purchases to ACS to fund cancer healthcare research. We seized the opportunity to incorporate our Axon Audience Manager to craft a First-Party data strategy and activate a customized programmatic campaign with Amazon.


Axon Helped Form a First-Party Data Collection Strategy To Map Site Visitors

Before the campaign, ACS lacked customer engagement insights across its separate digital channels, including its website, social platforms, paid advertising, and organic search.

After implementing Axon to analyze the charity’s website,, and invidiual digital channels, we identified missing First-Party visitor information and identified opportunities to improve the website’s tagging structure. This allowed us to track the website’s visitor navigation, including their sources (e.g., organic, paid advertising, social channels, etc.). 

Through this analysis, we established the foundation for a sophisticated ACS audience segmentation strategy, enabling personalized creative messaging based on each user’s donation history.


First-Party Audience Targeting Lead to Charity and Fundraising Marketing Success

Using First-Party (1P) audience targeting, advanced contextual targeting, and Amazon ads, we achieved a 2.54X ROAS, generating over $1.52M in measurable donations for the American Cancer Society during the holiday season.



Average Donation Amount


Total Donation Amount


Overall ROAS

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