The complexity of the modern digital landscape can be challenging for brands seeking to reach a target audience at scale, however the options that are available for marketers to craft an effective cross-channel strategy are more prevalent than ever before.

According to eMarketer, the average US household contains more than ten unique connected devices ranging from laptops and mobile phones to gaming consoles and connected TVs.

This means that brands have the ability to build marketing strategies featuring multiple tactics across a variety of devices to deliver the holy grail of digital marketing – the right message to the right person at the right time. When assessing all the options for a cross-channel strategy, there are several variables that should be considered.

Well Defined Objectives & KPIs

Savvy marketers will say the foundation of any successful cross-channel digital campaign is knowing how to accurately measure success before crafting a strategy. Understanding the limitations of stacking multiple KPIs on a campaign is critical, as well as how certain digital success metrics can be counteractive.

For example, stating that video completion rate (VCR) and click-thru rate (CTR) are both campaign objectives should be a red flag; knowledgeable media planners factor that clicking on a video ad inherently lowers viewership.

Contextual vs. Data-Driven

Reaching a target audience can be achieved through many tactics, but it primarily ties back to two methods: buying inventory across contextual content where the audience resides, or leveraging 1st, 2nd and 3rd party data to reach the audience regardless of inventory or contextual relevance.

The ideal method depends on the target audience – for example, niche audiences such as specific professions (dentists, farmers, teachers) can be reached across industry journals or trade publications. Broader audiences based on demographics, purchase intent and online behaviors are easily scalable with data-driven digital campaigns. Often a combination of both tactics is ideal because it provides the most flexibility for optimization, especially when whitelists or blacklists are applied to the campaign.

Creative Messaging & Ad Format

Reaching a specific audience is only useful if there’s relevant creative that speaks to your customers. In other words, the complexity of a targeting strategy should match the creative strategy. For example, if an insurance company has defined three distinct audience groups (e.g. married couples, young professionals, retirees) there should be a unique creative message for each audience.

Aligning the ad format with the creative message might seem like second nature, but marketers are often limited to a particular ad format due to budget constrictions, pricing and other variables. While it might be tempting to use that :30 pre-roll video the creative department produced, this ad format is expensive and not conducive to driving efficient lower-funnel conversions if that’s the campaign goal.

After analyzing trends in our platform, Axon, we recently worked with one of our Quick Service Restaurant clients to adjust their creative messaging to better align with the campaign goal. The advertiser was originally running branding creative while trying to drive conversions. After adjusting their creative to include an offer, conversions immediately spiked, resulting in the brand’s highest conversions to date. Like we illustrated in a previous post, customers expect a digital experience that is unique to their search and purchase history, interests and values. Adjusting the creative messaging to better align with the brand’s KPI resulted in a 96% increase in conversions and a 30% increase in revenue compared to the previous creative units.

All of these variables are taken into account before crafting the most efficient and effective cross-channel strategy for KORTX partners. Whether the campaign goal is upper-funnel awareness, lower-funnel conversions, foot traffic, sales or anything in-between, the results we produce from decades of cumulative digital media experience are apparent in the outcomes our partners expect.

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