Axon is more powerful than ever before with more access to relevant data for all client scopes!

What’s New

  • Added a date range filter on Explore > Connect page that allows up to a 90 day look back period on all event data. The default dates automatically populate to the latest 30 day period.
  • Ability to download CSV data on Explore > Connect page and Analyze > Audiences page.
  • First-party audience activation is now available for Facebook. Should you like to activate these first party audiences in Facebook, our team must be notified to push these audiences into the KORTX FBM account. Email and cell phone numbers are required and are being hashed. This is not being stored as raw data.
  • Removed the Manage > Plan tab and the ability for clients to submit RFPs.
  • Added a Native report under the Analyze > Campaigns tab. Audio reports will be coming soon.

Bug Fixes

  • A well deserved pat on the back for the KORTX team as there are no bug issues to report on!