We’ve been working hard behind the scenes to roll out new features! Axon is now more user friendly than ever before with the following updates:

What’s New

  • Privacy policy code can now be found on the Explore > Connect > Setup page. This code can be copied and implemented if you would like to add verbiage to your Privacy Policy page regarding how Axon collects and processes data. This also includes links to KORTX’s privacy policy, opt out page and “My Data” page.
  • Dropdown boxes containing pre-determined fields have now been updated under the Manage > Plan page.
  • Automated emails will now be sent once new scopes begin collecting data. This means that the base code has been implemented and data is populating correctly on the Explore > Connect page.
  • Automated emails will now be sent once reporting comments have been entered by your account manager. These comments can be found under the Manage > Campaigns tab.

Bug Fixes

  •  Audience builder operator update