Our team is excited to announce that we have released the following updates across the platform which will give users the ability to do more than ever before!

What’s New

  • Created thirteen new standard audiences that can be found under the Explore > Audiences page. These pre-defined audiences are meant to demonstrate examples of how event properties can be used to create different audiences. They may be activated and used to target specific users at any time.
  • Account managers now have the ability to attach documents, PDFs and screenshots for reporting comments and insights. This new feature can be found under the Manage > Campaigns tab.
  • Under the Manage > Plan tab, users now have the ability to save RFP drafts, in case specific details of the plan have not been solidified yet. Saving as a draft will not submit the plan and will allow for edits to be made at any time with details that may have been missed. Once everything has been entered, the RFP can be submitted along with any attachments.

Bug Fixes

  • Minor security updates
  • Audience count timestamp bug