Facebook has been steadily paring down its targeting functionality over the last year following accusations the platform was improperly sharing personal data. From sweeping product removals to industry-specific limitations, the changes have forced advertisers of all kinds to update their Facebook strategy accordingly. eMarketer recently rounded up the changes, which include limitations such as:

  • March 2018: Facebook eliminates third-party data products with the permanent removal of the “Partner Categories”
  • August 2018: Facebook eliminates 5,000 targeting options found to violate the Fair Housing Act
  • March 2019: Facebook restricts targeting for employment and credit ads, eliminating age, gender and zip codes, also removing age, zip codes, group membership and religious views from Lookalike Audiences

Adaptation Strategy:

1. Immediate Action:

KORTX has two premium options available to apply third-party segments within Facebook to compensate for the platform’s reduced location and demographics targeting functionality.

Location-based Targeting: Factual is a powerful location-data powered tool priced per audience and ad platform, based on the unique users in the audience

Demographic Targeting: Via preferred LiveRamp partnership, KORTX leverages consumer and household data with ACXIOM and healthcare marketing intel with Crossix. Pricing available upon request

2. Long-term Strategy:

Safeguard against platform and vendor dependence for the long-term by owning your audience data. Build out first party data with AXON to develop audiences and insight you can take with you to Facebook and beyond, instead of relying on the segmenting functionality provided within a given platform.

Own Your Data with AXON:

  • Connect: outline key business events with AXON’s event tracking to aggregate data across media channels, CRMs, and POS systems. Customers receive unique KORTX IDs for comprehensive, to-the-minute profiling.
  • Segment: build nuanced audience segments based on behavior, referral source, demographic information and more, parse segments with conditional criteria unique to your business goals
  • Activate: Activate your segments in Facebook, programmatically, or in search and other social platforms for custom-optimized media campaigns
  • Learn: transfer campaign intelligence between platforms to drive performance across the board, extract audience insight and maintain a single view into what’s driving business value

Staying up to date with the ecosystem shifts that matter is an essential part of any successful digital media strategy. Reach out to KORTX’s team of marketing technologists now for an immediate Facebook targeting optimization, or to learn more about working with us on a long-term data ownership strategy!