Connect all data points.

Platform Integrations

Capture any data source through APIs, Batch Uploads, Point of System Sales, Contact Centers, etc.

data sourcing

Aggregate 1st, 2nd, and 3rd party data for real-time planning and activation.

tag management

Measure cross-channel behavior to score relevant site activities ranging from engagement to ROI.

Platform Integrations

KORTX was built to evolve with your business accepting data from any system across any channel. You have complete control over the data captured, how the data is defined, and how your data is ultimately utilized.

Kortx API integrations
Kortx Batch Upload integrations
Kortx Contact Centers integrations
Kortx CSV integrations
Kortx POS System integrations
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Data Sourcing

Tear down data silos between business units and technology partners by merging data from all sources to create a clear picture of your customers. Use our custom data stitching methodology or define your own business rules. You are no longer bound to the rules of an off-the- shelf vendor. Start building your custom marketing cloud today

Tag Management

KORTX’s tag manager allows you to securely send data directly from your website to your KORTX data management platform. Our easy to use interface and tag deployment allows the ability for real-time content personalization.

  • Test & Debug
  • Privacy/Opt-Out
  • Simple Variables and Triggers